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To download the wallpaper right-click (or long click) on them and then save them to your device.

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David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com, .
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link Trébla   - Reply

MERCI !!! :)

link Ecksell   - Reply

Hey !
Thanks for the new wallpapers :)
But I will keep an old one that I prefer and which is on my work-desk for months for inspiration. (© 2008, stamped !!)
It is a house inside a tree with a wood doorstep, a pumpkin near and light mountains on the right. I think it was a sketch (brown pattern like parchment and sketch pencil only).
I'll keep my copy because unfortunately, you deleted it some months ago from your wallpaper library.
Arg, I'm looking at your new ones and may be the katana girl will take the place of "the tree house" lol
Anyway, thanks for your entire work
Et comme on dit à Brest même ;):
"kenavo ar c'hentañ" (à la prochaine en bzh)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Good to know you are around Trébla ;-) thx for the visit !

@Ecksell : Oh, many thanks ; I was thinking nobody used it. I added it to the wallpapers, and to fill the row, I added 2 other 'olds' one. Amitié aux Brestois !

link Steven Powers (SMP)   - Reply


I like the new look to your contact page and your goodies. I guess with the new year, I'm not the only one making changes.

Keep up the good work,

link Ecksell   - Reply


Thanks for your adding David.
I'm pleased for this attention and I like all of this new row of wallpaper :)
But you're not fair, now I don't know which one I will have to choose lol
Too much pearls ;)

link nurul subhan   - Reply

love the updates and ure dvd, thanks alot

hiya david, ive been using gimp -painter on windows quite recently, along with the chaos and evolution dvd,

wondering my brushes lag alot when im using big brushes.. any tips on improving the speeds and brushes of gimp.

ps. i have a decent graphics card and 3 gb ram, on windows 7.
any advice would be much apprecieated

link REVOY David Author, - Reply

@Ecksell :)

@Nurul Subhan : The best tips for improving Gimp performance is too rise the memory allowed to it into the preference panel, and have a very recent processor and lot of Ram. Gimp eat a lot of ressource, I advice you to paint more with Mypaint (fast) and keep Gimp for manipulation .

link nurul subhan   - Reply

thanks david,in the mean time i shall start following your timelapses.

link raman   - Reply

Wow! That post was worth reading. The selected wallpapers of the year 2011 were a fine collection to watch. The selectors of these pictures have done a tremendous work. Cheers mate. Keep posting in future also.

link Beto   - Reply

I'm fan of your work and thanks for the tips, tools and everything you do. Thank you!

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