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One of the maintenance task I had this week on my to-do: cleaning the 'artworks'. The goal: to help the 'derivativion' effort, ease on my side the maintenance and centralise the sources.

Changes: - more element layered ( especially on the two 'cover' artworks). - integration in the sources page of Pepper&Carrot. - creation of an experimental renderfarm dedicated to the artworks.

Available: - hi-res ( full size, jpg 95% quality). - low-res (resized to fit inside a 1920x1920px, 92% quality). - sources (Krita *.kra files layered).

( Note: for *.zip it might take 24h for the server to store all the files. )

★ To see the artwork category: scroll down on the source page

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link jo   - Reply

Thank you very much for this work :)
I'm curious to see derivations made with it.

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