Pepper&carrot derivation: ACBF format (comic reader) by Robo Pastierovic

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Robo Pastierovic converted Pepper&Carrot to ACBF format, which is a format he created for comic books some years ago and he is still working on it and related tools. It is free and supports :

  • lots of different metadata (title, authors, genres, published date ...)
  • comic panels definition (application can zoom in on particular panel and view the comic panel by panel)
  • table of contents
  • text layers for translations (text is drawn on top of underlying image, user can switch between different languages)

To view it, people need to install ACBF Viewer application. It is free/open source and can be downloaded for Linux, Windows and Android.

Download ACBF Viewer :

For Pepper&Carrot, Robo Pastierovic created comic panels definition and 2 text layers English one and a Slovak translation. If people want to contribute, they may create text layers for different other languages. They just need to understand the XML structure of the ACBF file which is inside the CBZ archive. It should be pretty easy as the text-bubbles polygons are already defined and viewer application calculates the size and placement of the text automatically. More info can be found on ACBF Wiki:

Project page :