Pepper&carrot derivation: iBookstore version by FreeSmug

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FreeSMUG founder Carlo Gandolfi is maintaining on the Apple iBooks Store his ebook version of Pepper&Carrot. Here is the offer : " Available as single volume with all episodes on iBooks Store for 1 buck. 1/3 will be donated to the author.
The volume will be upgraded till next 20th episodes, but also the price, 1 buck for each new episode.
So soon you buy less you pay, later you buy more you donate. "
A fair solution if you are looking for a e-book that auto-update on your tablet device for the next 10 episodes while donating a little for the work of Carlo as a maintainer, me as an author and the iBook Store as a (eshop ?) .... ( 1/3, 1/3 , 1/3 ). Here are the links :

Download_on_iBooks_Badge_US-UK_110x40_090513.png Download_on_iBooks_Badge_DE_110x40_090613.png Download_on_iBooks_Badge_FR_110x40_090913.png
Download_on_iBooks_Badge_IT_110x40_090513.png Download_on_iBooks_Badge_ESLA_MX_110x40_090613.png Download_on_iBooks_Badge_JP_110x40_090513.png

( Note : Carlo maintains the Italian translation and is a very active contributor to the Pepper&Carrot project. Thanks again ! ) Copyright exeption in this page : Apple iBookstore logo in the picture is copyrighted by Apple