License: "Episode 8: Pepper's Birthday Party" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Jonatan Nilsson  

Hahahaha, I genuinly laughed xD

Great episode :D

link Ramel Hill  

Beautifully illustrated!!! Proud supporter!

link Andrés C.  

At first, I was: "Yeah, I know what happems next. Yep, pretty predictable. Yes, just as I thought." And then, the end killed me. I honestly didn't expect that. I was expecting something darker, but I'm glad it wasn't. Wonderful episode and amazing art (as always). I wish I could master Krita the way you do some day :)

link Raghavendra Kamath  

You made my day! Brilliant twist. and I must say he environment rendering is very good. I like the scene where pepper is waiting for them to arrive, showing different atmosphere, nice . Thanks for this episode :)

link Boudewijn  

Hmpf. Tell Shichimi for me that I am terribly disappointed in her! I hadn't expected better from the other two, of course.

link Jo  


Nice strip :-) I haven't guessed the end. It makes me smile :-D

Like Boudewijn, I was especially disappointed bye Shichimi. But, I have an explanation. I bet Pepper forgot to write her address on the invitation cards.

I love the face expression of the red monster and the purple one.
But, well, even if Pepper looks happy at the end, that's a bit sad anyway.

To finish, everybody say the same, but I like to join them to say your work is really beautiful. The drawing, painting, story telling, scene cutting. Everything is well made. Congratulation !

link Joonz  

The comic is gorgeous! Beautifully illustrated, and I enjoyed the story very much. Kudos!

link Vladislav Kurdyukov  

Great story and drawing

link Victor Llore  

Maravilloso episodio.

link João Luiz  

Very nice, as usual! I'm really happy I found this comic! The quality of the images and the narrative itself are just great!

link Philippe J E Bateman  

Beautiful work, wonderful story---supporting your artwork is a true pleasure---I look forward to the next episode !!!

link Chalo  

I though for a second she was to kill everybody! You have scared me for a moment, David :D

Great episode!

link cfdev  

The ending is great! Monsters look like a Monsters, Inc.
I like the arch, mint and debian book ;) nice

link Dtschump  

Well done David!
Now you have to explain us why they didn't come, in episode 9 :-)

link SamWang  

David, thank you to share your spiritual maturing by painting it. It helps. It's great.
Sadness may transform in anger and the point is to transmute it in wisdom.
Finally, the invoked monsters attacked... cakes and hot drink :)
I notice that Pepper is provident, having prepared more cakes than those visible on the table in vignettes preceding the last one ;)

I translate In french :

David, merci de partager ta maturation spirituelle en la peignant. Cela aide. C'est génial.
La tristesse peut se transformer en colère et le point est de la transmuter en sagesse.
Finalement, les monstres invoqués ont attaqué... les gâteaux et la boisson chaude :)
Je note que Pepper est prévoyante, ayant préparé plus de gâteaux que ceux visibles sur la table dans les vignettes précédant la dernière ;)

Bonus (in french only, sorry for non french-speaking people - spécifiquement en français, désolé pour les non francophones) : œuvrer au bien ultime des êtres est le plus puissant moteur d'éveil. Le logiciel libre et l'esprit qu'il véhicule est un formidable outil sur la Voie. David, tu es une source d'inspiration. Que ces mots t'inspirent à ton tour. Puisse la vérité se manifester dans toutes les dimensions. Ainsi s'épanouit l'esprit bön dzogchen, une des formes de l'Esprit.

link ShiroAi  

Its so sweet and so well made :)

link Kamean  

Adorable idea! Thousand thanks! ^_^

link Amelia  

This comic looks and reads like a pretty anime movie. The weather and the lighting really add to Pepper's emotions! :D

Saffron's smug little smile to herself was SO TELLING, so I'm gonna blame all of this on HER. It's a shame, because she and Pepper would make adorable friends.

link TianWei  

amazing work

link X4m  

Amazing !!

link David Revoy Author,

Hey thanks all for the comments and the support :) I'm happy I was able to surprise you a bit with this new story.
I was very happy to receive all your comments on the blog directly. They all are very encouraging. Thank you!

@cfdev : I was happy to see you spotted them :p you are the only one afaik .

@Boudewijn : Haha ; I think I need to explain now on episode 9 what did happen ( it's a part of episode 9 plot ).

link Solar Storm Studio  

Love the story so far...

The expressions on the monsters faces are priceless.
"Is this what you called us out here for? Tea and cupcakes? Are you serious?"

It's just hilarious - keep up the great work :)

link libre fan  

Ah, oui les livres Arch, Mint et Debian. Chic! Ah @cfdev, je me demande si je les aurais vus, merci. Damned. J'étais tellement dans «est-ce que ça va rentrer tout ça sur la couverture du livre maléfique?» (la traduction du titre en esperanto) que je n'ai pas regardé les étagères attentivement.

À propos: @David: Wikipedia dit des choses intéressantes sur invocation et évocation. Bon, c'est un détail à la Chichimi.

C'est amusant que la majorité des lecteurs sont comme Carotte dans cet épisode, un peu terrorisé par la colère de Pepper.

Comme d'autres, j'ai trouvé que les dessins et couleurs de la page 3 et le début de la page 4 sont particulièrement beaux.

J'aime bien les 2 montres (vert et rouge) mais pas trop celui qui ressemble à une gigantesque fourmi. C'est peut-être un souvenir de la préparation de _Tears of Steel_: les pinces des humains semi-robots que tu avais dessinés.

Je ne trouve pas étonnant que Chichimi ne soit pas venue. Son nom veut tout dire… Des chichis, des manières, c'est tout ce qu'elle sait faire (en tous cas d'après Safran) mais une potion super efficace mais plutôt embarrassante.

Pourvu que dans l'épisode 9 qui doit contenir des révélations sur ce qui s'est passé, tu ne dises pas que Carotte s'est trompé dans l'adresse ou autre, car j'ai pensé que Carotte n'a fait que coller les enveloppes et Pipro a écrit «Invitation» sur l'enveloppe (d'où mon choix de la typo Alex Brush pour ce mot en esperanto).

Bravo encore pour cet épisode :-)

link David F  

Great episode!
Well done, I really enjoy this comic.

link nabispace  

haha j'adore vraiment! c'est sympa et léger. Les dessins sont beaux et soignés. J'aime beaucoup, hâte d'avoir la suite

link GearBuilder  

Fantastic job! So much heart in each and every piece you do, truly inspirational work dude. =j

link Itz  

Wow this episode have a great (and innesperate) finale. I think for a moment that this history have a dark plot twist but, the finale are very good c: But poo Pepper, crying in the first page are very sad D':

Y para quien tradujo al español de México el comic: ¿porque brujas hechiceras? XD no era necesaria tanta redundancia. Aun así hiciste un buen trabajo

link bitflipper  

So, Pepper is a Gemini? ;-p
(Actually, that kinda fits, and I can easily see Carrot being a Leo, so we'll have to celebrate his birthday next month, yes?)

Well done; I especially love the expressions on the faces of the Monsters of Chaosah in the final panel!

link Dimitri  

ty, nice one,

i have a silly question, inkscape in your pipeline was used for the type?

ty again

link David Revoy Author,

@bitflipper : Thank you, Gemini in our world , yes. :) On her own world; I don't know what are her sign would be. ( certainly a chaotic but cute creature )

@Dimitri : Yes, Inkscape manage all the type/font on all the website. 2700 SVG files on Pepper&Carrot sources manage translations :-)

link A.  

That's exactly why I love your comic so much! This beautiful ending... for a moment I feared it would take a dark twist, but then I smiled. It's so sweet. Thank you so much! I like that even the bad guys are sweet - like the two who seem to be happy about Peppers wish and don't mind not to attack someone at all.

link jojo  

Franchement, du libre avec un tel niveau de dessin, ça fait plaisir à voir. Bravo !
Et que ta démarche en inspire plein d'autres.
Bonne continuation dans tes aventures.

link anoymous  

Have you taught about pitching an animated short to the blender cloud,

link Ala  

Great episode! Very funny!

link Julia Elfvenmyr  

I love the end, it´s a great combination of unexpected and cute. Like, I´m totally spewing rainbows over here - in a good way. If I could have tea with those monsters I would.

link sharon ackermann  

that was soo funny! i really loved it, i love what you do, its really amazing, you are so talented

link Horst JENS  

congrats! please make more.

link Xavier Schmidiger  

Énorme j adore la fin, on aurait pu croire que sa partirai en baston ou qu elle allait les chercher de force, mais non elle préfère faire la fête, cooool elle aurait pas oublier de mettre la date sur les invitation....

Excellent continu

link Alexandra  

Excellent idea with the funky deamon-writing, I love it! Fun seeing Pepper turn to the dark side, if only for a bit. You master it (the dark witchy-feel) as well as the sweet fantasy-style I associate with Pepper&Carrot. And I'm glad to see the cupcakes were much appreciated by that cute green monster!

link northierthanthou  

Ha! ...I wish I could summon party monsters.

link joker  

哈哈哈 我喜欢这个结尾 很温馨

link Sonia  

So clever! How do you change the whole scene from daylight to night and rainy while still keeping all the artwork intact? How do you paint light streaming in through windows and trees? Sooo many questions from this thirsty artist!!

link resed  


link vm  

episodes 8 and 9 are the most beautiful! I'd love to see a tutorial or a timelapse on how you painted this. I presume this is not colored greyscale art, especially ep 9 looks like it was designed with color in mind.
your line art is great too, don't get me wrong, but there is something about line art + paint that just isn't as great as pure[ish] paint [with some lines here and there to emphasize edges] : D although I must admit episode 11 looks fantastic.

link Budi Raharja  

Poor Pepper.. :(

link test  


link test 2: looooooooooooooog name  

test 2: looooooooooooooog name

link Pepper  

test 3

link potato  

the readers sure reacted like carrot when pepper is mad

link Lisandro  

Pepper has the warmest heart of all!

link Tide  

That was a good twist!

link Esperluette  

Soooo cute ! La fin est choupinou !! Love the artwork as well.

link Teclis  

I really like this episode. I often wish I could summon some demons to come and play with me. Demons don't care about what other people think and are not constrained by silly social rules, yet they hide in the shadows and don't seek notoriety. They would make the perfect companions.

link Valley  

Aww, so cute

link kenoi  

my favourite episode ;D

link Fanny  

ahahah I love how this one ended!

link Zykaylia Tamia Clark  


link Maria Schneider  

As a cozy writer...this one sure warms my heart. I loved it! I blogged about this one. I hope all my blog readers find this one!


link Lil  

Very nice. I did not expect that to happen at all!

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