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Hi, I communicate often about comics, artworks, tutorials, but more rarely about who I am. Last week, I had the honor and the opportunity to express myself on two interviews : ✥ First one on : revoy/ , an article with more informations about my relation to digital- painting, and of course Krita. ✥ The second one is a premiere : a first video interview (in english!) and it was produced by Erik Moeller of and the video is now online on Youtube ( in header of this post, or ) . In this video, we talk about my path as a street-artist, traditional painter then illustrator, till today with Pepper&Carrot. I also talk about license, the future, and many other topics. Thanks you again for the support and thanks Erik Moeller for all his work to produce this video , and Irina of too. And for now, I'm back on drawing episode 08.

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link BusyBox  

Today, I've watched a japan anime that remind me Pepper & Carrot.
It's called "Little Witch Academia" from studio Trigger:

Excellent drawings, simple but good story and wonderful animation and sound track.
You would probably like it. ;)

link David Revoy Author,

@BusyBox : Thank you BusyBox ; I'll watch it for sure !

link Jesse C  

I love your work, you truly are a visionary keep up the good work =j

link David Revoy Author,

@Jesse C : Many thanks!

link Will  

That was great.. I like how you taught yourself with books and stuff, that's what I've been doing for a long time. Yes I'm an old man, lol. I really am surprised that you would show people, but now after seeing this, I think I understand. I use to airbrush T shirts when I was young, and wall murals. I now see 10 hour days or more is the normal thing. I thought it was just me taking too long. Time my friend, is not our friend at all. I would like to do some fan art if that would be okay, I'm just not sure where to send or post. I live on a fixed income but I want to find a way to help promote you and your work. My main study is animation with Tony White. I got the books but can't afford classes at this time. Maybe I can come up with something, if something comes to me that might help I will E-Mail you first. Thanks for showing how to use this stuff.

link David Revoy Author,

@Will : Hey Will, you are right. It takes a lot of time to grow for self-taught :-) and it's certainly a neverending quest. For fan-art, you can send it to me on mailbox : , thank you ;-) Good luck with your studying/practising of animation.

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