link Jo   - Reply

Thank you for the burst of laughter ! I love the Carrot's face, not worry at all.
And nice city, it look like an oneiric castle. Does it have a name yet ?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jo :Thanks ^_^ For the moment this city is the "Technologist Union" city , but I must find a dedicated name ; If you have ideas for a big city industrial producing only broken things in the middle of a desert , I'll be happy to study :-) ( a desert they created by polluting and removing every resources all around ).

link uncle Night   - Reply

That's awesome :) somehow reminds me of "Potion of `date +%Y`", maybe geeky me - but hey, there's definitely something personal in what has inspired you, isn't it, David? =)

link Jo   - Reply

So, I had some ideas :

Cheapity (cheap & city)
Cheapitown (cheap & town)
Citystrial (city & industrial)
Townistrial (town & industrial)
Citycorp (city & corporation)
cityfactory (city & factory)

Industrille (industrie & ville)
Crocarbre (croquer et arbre)
Munistrielle (municipalité industrielle)
Pacotiville (pacotille et ville)
Camelote (pour le jeu de mot avec la ville arthurienne. Perso c'est ma préférée mais à la traduction le jeu de mot disparaîtra.)

Voilà, voilà. Bonne soirée.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jo : I like :
- [en] Cheapitown :-) I'll submit it to friends to get more feedback.
- [fr] Pacotiville , qui reste fidèle en traduction a Cheapitown
merci !

link Jo   - Reply

You are welcome :-)

link Ramel Hill   - Reply

There is a kickstarter project right now run by a person not you for printing of you pepper carrot book.

Not sure how that is working. Want to give but would rather for to you on patreon than to some one who didn't create the work.

link Ramel   - Reply

I see more about your works. You encourage people to do things like that as open source. Understood. I will be backing you on patreon as I love your work!!

link Justin   - Reply

Deserta? I think the word in Latin had the meaning of wasted as well as deserted, so it would seem to capture both of your intentions.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Ramel Hill : Yes, about the Kickstarter ; the author contacted me when he published the page. The problem is he misuse the license and communicate very badly about his activity.

"Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use."

1. he didn't provide a link to the license nor my website.
2. he doesn't indicate this project is your derivation , his publishing
3. he suggest I totally endorse and user think I created this...

I just sent him an email about it. and let him today to fix it . passed this delay, I'll write an article about it, and alert Kickstarter.

@Justin : Deserta sounds nice, but from a storytelling point of view , I can't because this city had plenty of resources in a glorious past, and became isolated in the middle of the desert only later. But the name is beautiful, I'll keep it for another place ^_^

link Erik Moeller   - Reply

Note that Kickstarter has a policy which prohibits resale:

"Resale. All rewards must have been produced or designed by the project or one of its creators — no reselling things from elsewhere."

This project is pretty clearly in violation of that policy. And the number two item in their rules is: "Projects must be honest and clearly presented."

At least the Kickstarter shows that there's significant interest in a print edition :-)

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Erik Moeller : :-) Hehe, thank you Eric. Yes, indeed, this is the positive side. I'm glad to see Peppercarrot succesful in a way ! :-)
I'll let till 19h00 French hours to 'Sir Ricky Mr Gentleman' before using the Kickstarter report button and alerting community + creative commons lawyers. ( If he add paragraph on the top of his kickstarter with a bit about his 'publishing derivation' and a link back to Peppercarrot.com and the creative commons license within this time + rephrase it in a way is telling I'm not endorsing it ; I'll not do this shitstorm... )
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/16 … r-and-carr

[edit] I just saw he is editing the Kickstarter in a positive way. With Creative Commons and link.
We are back on friendly zone, and I'll even consider advertising his campaign :)
Cool !

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Perfect. The changes on the page are following now the CC-By rules.
And the author is in email with me. His publishing is NinjaKnight Comic , and they also support PepperCarrot Patreon.


link Ramel hill   - Reply

Glad to be of assistance in this. I thought he was the creator at first ... Then I had to do research on who actually created the project which I thought was strange since it was his kickstarter page... No links to the book.... I had backed it but withdrew my pledge. Would rather support the creator and artist. I can send files over myself to a printer if I want a printed copy. I would rather see more content made by supporting you directly

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Ramel hill : yep, thank you a lot for the notification Ramel ( and also your comments on Kickstarter page )

link Ramel hill   - Reply

No worries. I really wished the project was created by you on kickstarter. But alas your works will be shared still nonetheless.

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