Pepper&Carrot Linux O.S.

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I'm preparing a new Linux distribution Ubuntu-based around the theme of Pepper&Carrot : Pepper&Carrot Linux O.S.

The desktop environment is a heavy customization of Cinnamon, with the wonderful pixel-art icon theme from Henrique Lazarini . You can already test the beta version : peppercarrotlinuxOS_beta-0.2.25.iso version 32bit and 64bit.
Burn it on a DVD, or write the ISO to a USB drive, it should be compatible with pretty many hardware ( based on LTS 14.04 ).
( note: screenshot is still work-in-progress at version 0.2.25 , more soon ) Contributors welcome on my official Git repository .
Thanks for your test !

License: "Pepper&Carrot Linux O.S." by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Pyves  

I really like it! Can't wait to see the final version... ;-)
(more seriously, why not a P&C theme for linux? could be very nice :-) )
Thanks for your work David!

link Leonardo  

Is this an april fool?

link Maren  

Love the icons you chose :) What's that font? And which program will be launched when I click on the blue potion? And will you also offer support? Can I manage my scroll collection with it, maybe with a derivative of calibre? Ah - so many questions - I just *must* have this! ;)

link nburgin  

@Leonardo for the answer to your question, try clicking the link to the git repository.

link Pato Acevedo  

Sadly this is only a joke.

link Cestarian  

This would have been so cool though. I really like what you did with the fonts, and these icons rock! might be of use to me one day even.

link pato Acevedo  

Well, this is my Elementary Os (Ubuntu based distro) tuned with a Pepper&Carrot Os style.

link David Revoy Author,

@pato Acevedo : Wow ; looking good! I think I'll update the wallpapers really soon :)

link Linda  

Absolutely right it is compatible many hardware devices.

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