Pepper&Carrot derivation: movie project by Sprinbox studio

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Sprinbox studio , a computer graphics studio based in Thaïland announced working on a movie adaptation Pepper&Carrot on a Google+ post.


link Karan K  

Is the work of movie adaption is still going on or completed.
Please share link if completed.
I want to see it.

link Chimalpahin  

Could be in development hell right now, these things happen to even really surefire hit movies. So who knows if it's still on in any case it's still cool that it was being developed.

link David Revoy Author,

This one was annunced in 2014, and I think I saw a storyboard anymatic on Youtube but I'm not sure if it is by the same team/authors. I doubt this project continues, derivation −when they are that big− are rarely keeping so many years in the shadows. And so far, none of the team connected to our IRC channel or sent an email to get feedback or to share WIP. That sounds cancelled.

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