Pepper&Carrot derivation: Shoot-em-up video-game project by Akari

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Update: The project was cancelled after Nexuiz became a commercial product and the community had to fork to the Xonotic project. Our small Rocket Minsta mod survived a bit on Nexuiz servers thanks to the effort of The Badass Choob community but never really came to Xonotic. It was the same story for this mini-game, but the concept-art is still available as CC-By material if another video game dev is interested in continuing the project.

Akari is developping a touhou-like shoot-em-up video-game project. The project will be a mini-game inside an exsisting open-source video-game : the RM mod for Nexuiz. As a fan and contributor of his mod, I decided to join the project and produce the graphics. The mini-game will appears on-screen during a FPS game, when player will be frozen, to help them to spend frozen time in all comfort. For more information about this mod and the community behind it, visit .