link Simon   - Reply

I love the animated panel. Very cool.

link Marcos   - Reply

Wow, amazing... Great work... Love the moon...
The animation panel enter very smooth in the story, great transition...

link Jordan   - Reply

Is that the blackhole from Interstellar? -> http://goo.gl/KF7YzW

link Skarfester   - Reply

Brilliant. Each new episode is better than the previous one.

link PrinzEnrique   - Reply

I would like to send you some money via Flattr but you still don't have buttons ;)

link TheFaico   - Reply

Wow! Les dessins améliorent encore à chaque épisode
Le .gif a été fait avec Blender?
Je crois qui'il y a juste un pétit erreur typographique: la case où Pepper cherche Carotte sous le lit elle dit "Amazing ?" avec un signe d'interrogation et il devrait être "Amazing!"
J'espère bientôt les fichiers source. Bon travail!

link Tharinda   - Reply

Amazing ! I really like that Gif image. I was wondering how did you create that GIF (From krita?) ??... It seems like that there are lots of secrets hidden in Krita, than I thought. Or is it created from Gimp ?. Thank you David specially for inspiring us.

link Deburger   - Reply

:) *thumbs_up*

link Grunt   - Reply

Oh, wow. Ok, only one question: How far are you with that cover?

link Steminist   - Reply

What a rampant example of sexism.
Of course, how could a woman understand a genius.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Thanks all !

@Jordan : Yes, it's a little cameo to the blackhole of Interstellar and the '5th dimension' . ;-)

@PrinzEnrique : oh Flattr button, still on my to-do list ( long long to-do list) thanks for the reminder :)

@TheFaico : Oui, les 'frames' du gif sont faites sous Blender, puis assemblé sous Gimp pour l'export GIF. Merci pour avoir remarqué 'Amazing?' , il faut que je corrige ça bientôt.

@Tharinda : The gif frames are done with Blender, and then the gif is done from the frames in Gimp ( a good export to gif ). :-)

@Grunt : Oh, the cover ; still 0% :D I was sick last week, and my to-do list exploded xD

@Steminist : ... Please no ... don't accuse this to be sexism , I'm working a lot to make Pepper an exemplary character. She doesn't get what Carrot writes on the black board because they live in a fantasy medieval world and she focus to read 'a word' not something like math ; not because she is a woman. My story setup is in medieval fantasy ; no car, no planes, etc... about a witch, old house... isn't it obvious ? that really steal me all energy to be accused of sexism ... :-(

link JA12   - Reply

Nice work again.

Don't mind about the sexism comment. People see what they want to see and they will see sexism if that's what they're looking for. Although if that is the case, weren't looking hard enough - There's a female cat high above male cat and looking very happy about it *gasp* :D Ridiculous.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@JA12 : Hehe, thank you JA12 ;-)

link Redd   - Reply

Care to elaborate on that last panel? Or is it just a nod to Dresden Codak and nothing more?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Redd : Hi, I don't know what you are talking about, and I'm curious about it ; please tell me more. On my last panel, I just show a side effect of the ruined potion-of-genius affecting a group of ants ; and the ants discovering advanced concept like geometry ; nothing less, nothing more. I might play with the over-intelligent ants later in the story, but no plan for it now.

link Redd   - Reply

Dresden Codak is a webcomic about a very smart girl who has things happen and then she builds her own cybernetic prosthetics to replace her legs and left arm and eye. It's pretty slow with one new page coming out once every couple of months but since the artist started a patreon as well, that should pick up.
As to why I brought this up, that orange symbol to the left in the last panel is referred to as "the rising sun" throughout the series (or cyborg pride on merchandise) and so that's just what I recognized that as. That being said, I encourage everyone to take a look at this comic anyway.

Also David, I admire your work and commend your use of open source software as well as your creative commons licensing and plan to be a contributor of your patreon soon.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Redd : Oh thanks for the details ; good to know, I'll read this comic, thanks. In the last panel this symbol is just the windows of Pepper's house, I designed this type of windows this way on the previous episode, because I like circular/rounded windows :-) It's fun it can look like a symbol of another comic. Thanks for your comment and for reading.

link Stephen   - Reply

I love your style. Thank you so much for sharing your art and informations about your workflow.

I want to try Linux and the tools you are describing but I'm curious which one I should try. Can you please share some thoughts? I have a Wacom Intuos4 XL tablet.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Stephen : Hi Stephen, Thanks for the feedback for my style :-)
If you just start on Linux, I advice Linux Mint Cinnamon ( then Linux Mint KDE if you look for more options )
Here I like the Gnome desktop, but unfortunately it doesn't works well on all Ubuntu based distribution because of internal community war/politic/technical jibi jaba ... and other Linux distribution than 'buntu ( Open Suse, Fedora, Arch/Manjaro ) are not that user friendly , so it might be a hard start if I advice them. Have fun with Mint :-)

link Enchantress   - Reply

reminds me of 5th dimension of Interstellar... ohhhh its totally coolll.. love the concept and love that poor witch...

link Garry Osgood   - Reply

Oooooh... Last panel...
An homage to H. G. Wells "The Food of the Gods" ? No, no, no! Don't tell (you won't, anyway)! More than half the fun is seeing where P&G go next, but a replay of the 'slovenly' Mr & Mrs Skinner can be a lot of fun. And as for portrayals of various ethnic, gender, and national groups, I expect you to treat us left-handers with all the respect we think we deserve, too. And orange cats. I don't want you to offend an orange cat anywhere! And as for people who part their hair down the middle... ?

link susandevy   - Reply

wow this is really awesome ! (standing ovation)
I noticed that you had developed the body gesture and facial expression of Pepper,
also I LOL so hard when Carrot flied at the black hole ! :-))

I never thought that a digital comic could have this collaboration of Gimp, G'mic, Krita and Blender !
all and all, keep all the amazing work, and can't wait for the next comic :)

link JJSegura   - Reply

Excellent, as always. Super nice work.
I will also add that you are inspiring me to move to free software. I am learning Blender right now and inkscape will come soon.

Do not pay any attention to a that comment about sexism. It takes a really twisted mind to see any sexism here. Some people just love to mess around and create problems.

You will have to learn to deal with them as you get more and more known thanks to your wonderful comic.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Haha, many thanks JJSegura , Susan , Garry and Enchantress for the nice comments !

link Leandro Prestes   - Reply

I can not stop laughing... rsrsrs
You are great!

link Zack   - Reply

Did you put the rising sun symbol in the last panel as a reference to Dresden Codak (http://www.dresdencodak.com) or is it coincidence? I'll love this comic even more if it is!!!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Leandro Prestes : Thanks !

@Zack : Haha, I think someone on the comment already pointed this to me ; but no, coincidence ( and just the pattern of the windows of Pepper's house in the background ) . I still have to start to read Dresden Codak, it sounds super cool. :)

link Yuuji Uchiyamada   - Reply

Your work is truly interesting. It feels very different from the Japanese comics I am use to, yet I get the same feeling of great satisfaction. If my comic is ever successful (laugh), I do hope for time to draft a freely available comic just like this one. In any case, please continue your hard work; I am cheering for you!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Yuuji Uchiyamada : Thank you! All my encouragement for your project, and send me a link to read it when it will be ready , even if it takes year!

link Andres   - Reply

I can't praise enough your artwork, David. Every panel of this webcomic is a masterpiece and the pacing is also great. My only gripe (if it can be called that) is that the dialogue/writing at times feels somewhat unnatural. I don't want to be harsh or something like that. But I think that I needed to say it. Keep up the excellent work!

link Andy   - Reply

ahahah... Carott sing " O Sole meeowww"...
but is night !!??

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Andres : Thanks for the feedback. I reply with late to your comment, but be sure you did help me to find way to improve dialog quality. Yes. On this episode I wrote all dialogs in english directly, and I'm not native. After episode 6 , I'm writing them in french first, and work with a translator to keep the speech natural. Thanks for your comment !

@Andy : He he, you saw the paradox :-) next time I'll make him sing directly " you are my sunshine !" :p

link libre fan   - Reply

J'aime bien, entre autres tous ces beaux dessins, le «Pil poil» de Pepper à l'adresse de Carotte. Et même si en français, on écrit «pile», «pil» est beaucoup mieux avec «poil» :-D Bien trouvé! Heu… Cool comme dirait Pepper dans l'épisode 6.

link libre fan   - Reply

Voilà, c'est ici que Carotte est particulièrement réussi: quand il doit faire avaler juste une petite gorgée. Quand on pense à l'épisode des potions arc-en-ciel, c'est encore plus amusant.

Personnellement, je le préfère dessiné de cette manière (et comme plus haut, assis sur le tabouret) que dans le début de l'épisode 8 où il est de dos presque en Blender, si je peux dire.

Comme disent d'autres lecteurs, c'est vraiment beau de garder le crayonné, l'aquarelle et tout ça pour cette BD. Ça donne l'illusion que c'est dessiné et peint à la main.

Ceci dit, j'apprécie de découvrir des styles différents, même à l'intérieur d'une même BD.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@libre fan : Oui, j'ai comme projet de faire évoluer mon style de peinture vers quelque-chose de moins lissé et plus artistique , mais pas comme en BD traditionnel ( lignes et couleurs en dessous ).

link Alex   - Reply

Hm, what is that cheesy owl fishing for? :D
Glad to see Carrot has some romantic interests going on, but silly Pepper for not noticing the potion worked excellently! Thanks for the comic

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Alex : :-) owls in Pepper&Carrot are really lazy to hunt for mice. Thanks for reading!

link libre fan   - Reply

Il y a un truc bizarre Ep04P02: le chapeau de Ĝustatempe est presque invisible en ligne et en fait, il y a un ^ sur le dessin lui-même et qqs traces qui n'appartiennent pas du tout à la bulle ni au texte de la bulle. Ça, c'est qqchose que je ne peux pas «réparer» très facilement.

Et enfin un gentil correcteur-traducteur a fait son apparition. Donc, je prépare les corrections des EP. 3 à 9.

link DwarfComic   - Reply

Beautiful art!!

link rockinginhell   - Reply

link Sonia   - Reply

Haha this one was really funny, with Carrot getting super smart and then the insects outside!! were they ants? No wonder they are so smart with building their houses and collecting food! Great work.. everything is so well thought out! I can only imagine how many hours you put into the work!

link Reira   - Reply

David, have you drunk the potion of genius? All your work is just genius! Your artwork is amazing, and the story puts a smile on my face. Keep up the great work!

link Johnny   - Reply

Bravo!!! :)

link LIsandro   - Reply

I'm really worried about what those ants will do with all that knowledge.

link Alexander   - Reply

Do a side-comic about how the super intelligent colony of ants create their own utopia right in Pepper's yard!

link Lauren   - Reply

Brilliant - I really love the art and this one was quite funny!

link Sagar Thapa   - Reply

Oh my! That animation of Carrot flying made me laugh so hard.

link foe   - Reply

These ants lanched a rocket in the next chapter。Hahahahah。

link Aurelio Dumar   - Reply

Ahahah, this is amazing! Congratulations for both your painting skill and your funny story!
O sole meewwww! xD

link MoonSet   - Reply

I guess being a witch means you don't learn math

link Kimapr   - Reply

Whoa, that potion is very crazy! Did Carrot invented the entire General Relativity Theory? Isn't that supposed to be done with lots of observation? So, it could possible mean that The Potion Of Genius not only gave super-smart mind, but also some sort of super-sight!? The ability to see everything at every scale simultaneously! This is crazy and mind blowing! It's very sad that Pepper just disposed that potion. But at least ants will take advantage of that!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hehe, thank you! yes, it was a full omniscent potion ;) You'll see a cameo about the ants in episode 19

link Poil   - Reply


link Stalin   - Reply

Pourquoi elle dit que E=MC2 ça veux rien dire. Ça veut dire la puissance d'un atome dans un Corp !

link Fanny   - Reply

this was so fun! I love the style the coloring and the script! You are very very talented!

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