Fractal mermaid

Update 2022: For Mermay, I posted (finally) the full-resolution here, fixed minor issues and switched license from CC-By-Nc-Sa to CC-By. Click on the picture to access the full resolution. Enjoy!

original post:

With this artwork of a mermaid starts a project : publishing artworks on this blog alongside my personal career in illustration and concept-art. This approach was inspired by the many webcomics I frequent, and I thank a lot their authors.

No WIP (Work in Progress) or unfinished sketch, nothing but the final result of the experiment as I thought it could be published. I will try to update the gallery of my portfolio to date, such as galleries and forums which I participate.

I'm not sure to comment each time. I will keep posting too about digital painting tutorial and resources.This artwork was created with Gimp-painter and Mypaint. I wish myself good luck and perseverance in this adventure, and it lasts as long as possible! I hope you will enjoy ;)

License: "Fractal mermaid" by David Revoy − CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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link Yorik  

This is probably the best news of the week... I also wish you good luck and perseverance in this adventure, and it lasts as long as possible!

link Gabri  

Yes, I think too that's a very good news!
Thanks for sharing your work with us

link Lanzorg  

Pretty Good !!! (1 more RSS in my aggregator)

link cacysunlee  

great news

i'm very excited about the new pictures
maybe we can wish some things?

link DeburgER  

Nice work!! Really great!... Waits next week =)

link Patricio Miñaur  

Es hermosa!
It is beautiful! :D

link David Revoy  

Thanks a lot for welcoming my project of weekly painting.
Wish something ? Why not :)

link the flash season 3 episode 10  

such a lovely art !

link Arlo James Barnes  

Ah, Spirulina and Durian peek out from the past!

link David Revoy Author,

Oh, I can maybe use this one with the fractal pattern for the main witch of Aquah, the mermaid; I saw Nartance added it on the wiki.

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