Auto-Flatting Comic with Krita (+Gmic plugin)

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Video tutorial,if you can't see it, here is the link on Youtube

Here is a video tutorial to show you how to use a complex GMIC filter named : Colorize lineart [smart-coloring]. I'm using this filter to ease and speedup my workflow with flatting the color of my webcomic Pepper&Carrot. This filter is available on recent version of Krita, specifically the one with the GMIC-Qt plugin.


link Jonathan  

Nice feature! I'll try it when I've time. Good tutorial, though.

link Wolthera  

Hm... I just added a transcription to this video on youtube... only to realize you already had transcribed everything here >_>

I smart, yes.

link David Revoy Author,

aw ... : /

link Stekit  

Watching this makes me wish I could draw like you. Actually... it almost makes me believe that I can, you make it so easy to understand advanced topics. And your voice, it's so relaxing listening to you! Thank you David for making these videos, comics, blogs, and your engagement with people. It's truly inspiring! <3

link David Revoy Author,

Thank *you* for taking the time to write your lovely feedback. It fills me with energy to continue!

link David Revoy Author,

( note: I added them, now they are the default "english" CC subtitles. Thank you ! )

link Katherine  

You are a life very well. Thank you so much, seriously.

link Wojtek  

Fantastic introduction to gmic's complex algorithm. I knew first method but I was not aware of second trick with cleanup, which would be much more useful for me. BTW, do you know if there is a method to move selections after they were released? I know I can hold ALT to move them when drawn, but I wonder if there is a trick to move them around after they are in place. Maybe it can be requested from krota developers, it's something that is my usual workflow with photoshop.

link David Revoy Author,


For moving a selection in Krita, the workaround is to create an empty paint layer , and then Ctrl+T to transform the empty area. It's possible this way to move/scale/rotate/transform any type of selection. When done, you can remove the temporary created layer.

link Wojtek  

Thanks, I figured I can transform selection with ctrl-T, new paint layer was missing part. I hope krita devs will add selection only transformation and move feature soon. One of bigger things I look for from photoshop way of ding things.

link Rico Balboa  

Thanks David, as always your tutorials arre very didactic and easy to follow. Just a question, did you already make a tutorial regarding the last part of your draw in wich you added shading and final details? Thank you again!

link David Revoy Author,

Hi! Thanks!
Yes, you can find this steps in the making-of ; or the fundamental details about shading in the long "chaos&evolution" video.

link Sonia  

Im still struggling with Gmic, i guess i need to keep working on it, but you make it look so easy! haha! brilliant video!

link odz  

Bonjour et merci pour ce tuto (top !)

Sinon je n'ai pas cette fonctionnalité d'accessible dans Krita ; il me manque un patche ou téléchargement ?

Merci pour la réponse et le boulot de transmission du savoir ; c'est vraiment génial !

link David Revoy Author,

Bonsoir, merci!
Quelle est votre version de Krita, sur quel système?

link odz  

(quelle diligence ! :-)..).

J'ai Krita 3.0 sous windows 10

link David Revoy Author,

Je crois que le filtre est apparu avec des versions de GMIC après 3.2 .
Le 12 janvier, Krita 3.3.3 est sortie.

link odz  

Ok je vais regarder ! merci ;-)

link Sandro  

Thanks you very much for the content.

link Moby's!  

I really appreciate the video, very clear and simple instructions. Thanks!

link Migeru-Sensei  

I just downloaded Krita an gmic after seeing how awesome they were in your tutorial.

Thing is I am having trouble finding the ''tool option docker'' at 4:19
it doesn't show on my tool bar :(

link David Revoy Author,

Hi Migeru Sensei: Yes, that's my fault. By default the Tool-Option is a docker; mine is in the top toolbar thanks to an option I really like in the Settings: (General > Tools (tab) > Tool Option Location > In toolbar).

PS: I'm uploading later today a new video about automatic colorisation with a simplier method. I hope you'll like it!

link SARAH  

Merci beaucoup c'est clair et simple pour moi qui ai toujours travaillé en traditionnel et qui découvre depuis peu le logiciel et la tablette graphique !

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