Things to know from Krita 2.9 to Krita 3.0

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This article is a collection of notes from my transition between Krita 2.9x to the next generation Krita 3.0 on GNU/Linux Ubuntu 16.04 . Krita 3.0 is not released yet, and still in a period of bug-fix and beta-test. Here are my notes as a beta-tester to ease my testing with it. I'll probably update this article on the way.

New preferences folder:

The user preferences (brush, windows layout, palette) stored by Krita changed directory. Here are the command line I do to port my 2.9 preferences to 3.0 :

Copying the configuration files:

cp ~/.kde/share/config/kritarc ~/.config/kritarc

Copying the folder with the user's resources:

cp -R ~/.kde/share/apps/krita ~/.local/share/krita

Updating the file path inside all the *.blacklist files:

cd  ~/.local/share/krita
find . -name '*.blacklist' -exec sed -i 's|~\/.kde\/share\/apps\/krita\/|\/.local\/share\/krita\/|g' '{}' \; 


- The Git repository online page changed from to

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