Tons of potions, part.2 : Multifill

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Source file for corrections/translation ( libreoffice draw, *.odg ) is available in this folder

[edit 21 december 2015 ] Thanks JA12 in the comments for sharing his ( advanced ) method in a video timelapse. This method can do the random coloring from Blender directly.

License: "Tons of potions, part.2 : Multifill" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link j-rocky  

3d art greatly help every 2d artists nowadays, this way can replace classical techniques as a reference source which typically use a photograph or look at the objects directly, i'm using this techniques since 6 years ago. And what i learn from you since 2012 is the usage of filter to make the work more faster and finished without decrease the quality. And i never know at the first time that an open source program can do a really cool stuff like this, perhaps 8 or ten years later i think open source can make something more unbelievable than this.
Keep it up David!

link David Revoy Author,

@j-rocky : Thank you J-rocky! oh, and true, I use many filters.

link JA12  

Nice tutorials again David.

These latest ones inspired me to record few additional Blender tips on the subject and compile them in a tutorial-ish package. Maybe those can be helpful to someone

The video uses your content on
I hang around on IRC and I'll leave my e-mail address, contact me if there is any problem in using those on the video and I'll remove them.

link David Revoy Author,

@JA12 : Thank you JA12! No problem at all, it's all CC-By material and you quote the origin in your video. You are free to promote or even do a commercial usage about it.
I'll edit my article and insert your youtube video at the end ; you are much more skilled than me because you know how to apply the random coloring of particle directly with Blender nodes ! A good learn.

link Md Sumon  

Wow ! very nice and informative tutorials . These photography and painting are very cute . So thanks a lot for sharing these with us.

link Salim Ahmed  

Professional tutorial. The tutorial provide great information. Thanks

link Taposy Rabeya  

So cool. Your tutorial is great and easy to follow. Love so much your painting. How many time you spent to complete these??

link David Revoy Author,

@Taposy Rabeya : Thank you. The time ? I don't know, a countless amount of time :)

link Moritz Molch  

As amazing as always. Here is your share of health and energy potions for you (hopefully you won't need them though ^^):

Kind regards,

link David Revoy Author,

@Moritz Molch :Woohoo ! Thank you Moritz Molch for passing by and for sharing the result of the tutorial. :-)

link Dmytro Nosal'  

It's all clear: some potions make the bottles soft, and they is dangerous for all living things.

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