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Sketching Meetup in Brussels

Living around Brussels? Join me on Sunday 20 September 2015 at 13h30 in front the Museum of Natural Sciences ; I'll spend my afternoon inside sketching minerals, shells, dinosaur skeletons (the museum is famous for having the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe! it looks really good on their website ). We can form a little sketching group inside, and meet each other. We can share feedback, tips, and improve after a good afternoon. I'll personally work on my shape vocabulary to sketch better fantasy creatures and environments. Beginners, students, hobbyist or professionals are welcome!

Why in Brussels? I'm living in Montauban, south of France, a little city. I'll be in Brussels for a Krita Masterclass on Saturday 18 crowdfunded by 48 contributors (thank you!), and organized by the BBUG , the Belgian Blender User Group. Going to a big city as Brussels is an opportunity for me to organize something like this.

picture copyrighted by the Museum, non commercial usage allowed. Source: Museum Press Kit


  • Your sketchbook/paper and pens
  • Money to pay the museum entry (adult: 7€ Permanent exhibition halls)

picture copyrighted by the Musuem, non commercial usage allowed. Source: Museum Press Kit

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A question? You'll be around?

It's the first time I try to organize a little event like this one. I hope it will be a success and inspire other artist to do the same in other cities. Leave a comment here for any question. See you soon!

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