Musical Triptic

"Musical Triptic" is a piece of three 80x80cm canvas ( around 32x32 inch ) , painted with Acrylic. It's a decorative piece, for a part of my home and also a personal project.
This painting was made with different process and a big amount of various layers. Knife, watercolor/ink-likes parts, alla prima, heavy texture work and even collage and copper/gold parts.
... It was of course a pleasure to play so much with the textures, digital-painting world is so dry and '2D' ...

License: "Musical Triptic" by David Revoy − CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0
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link konfeta  

Hi David!
David, very nice work! It reminded me of an open culture project (oss based, cc licensed work), also a tryptich of music instruments (and music) but extended into an interactive installation where the viewer activates the musical instruments, and mixes them into music while watching. Perhaps something cool to investigate? Here is a link to the project:
The people live now in Austria and do crazy stuff with sensors, art and open source. :)


link David Revoy Author,

@konfeta : hi Julia, Thanks for the link. Interesting !

link Taposy Rabeya  

Impressive artwork. keep up this great work.

link Vamsi  

Awesome paintings and also nice article thanks for sharing..

link Ben  


link Jio  

I want it for my living-room. Look awesome.

link Joe  

That's a very cool picture? I'm a fan of 3 piece paintings. Is it for sale?

link David Revoy Author,

Thank you! No, this one is only for my house :)

link Rajdhani  

wow really what a painting it is
it is so beautiful and awesome
if it is near to me i will buy it

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