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Collar of Magic Pearls

This tutoriel is my the more complete about one of my old technic from A to Z with Photoshop, Painter but also Gimp, Artweaver, Daz3D.
site : , european Cg Network.
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Spider harp

This tutoriel show more a commented making of the illustration 'Spider Harp'.
site : CgArena , Mondial Cg Network
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Fairy Nut ; Step by step

This tutorial come from the Tdt3d forum where I was invited to show a complete process and comment it.
site : , european Cg Network
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Apple study

This tutorial (in french only) is suited for beginner to understand how to paint with digital medias.
site : , French Cg Network
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Comic colorisation

This tutorial (in french only) show how to realise a clean colorisation (anime style) with Photoshop Cs2 in the CMYK profile.
site : , european Cg Network
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Pencil colorisation

This tutorial (in french only) propose a method to colorise a pencil drawing after a scan. site : , european Cg Network
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Blender a low-poly head

This tutorial (in french only) is suited for beginner to understand basics technics to modelise a low-poly head with blender.
site : , european Cg Network
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link Amazed  

Very nice work, I love it all!
Btw. you look like Sylar off heroes. There. I said it.

link Kasia  

So many people said that it's the best to color black and white painting (like you did in "Collar of magic pearls") with using "color" layers. I'm trying so hard, but I just can't make a nice (looking natural) skin color in Gimp that way - it's always oddly orange, insanly red or very pale (almost white or yellow). It's very difficul, especially at pics like this one ---> (using it just for coloring practice).
You're amazing - I don't know how you do all those tricks =.=

link David Revoy Author,

@Kasia : Hey Kasia :) Yes, all of this because the Gimp color layer blending mode is note a good one, and behave wrong... The color variation influence the saturation on it and it breaks all the value. I worked to give my opinion about it, and Mypaint future developpement -thanks to the effort of the developper Achadwick - included a good one for future release : ( test report : ) : also Krita got a very good one ( in HSY > Color ).
Thanks for the feedbacks !

link Kasia  

I'm really looking forward to see Krita for Windows!

Thx for the reply!

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