Concept-art and preproduction for a webcomic project "Astral Zero"

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Update 2016: This project was canceled after I realised it was a bit too dark and required too much technique to be well drawn. Maybe I'll revisit later after or within Pepper&Carrot!

This week I've been enjoying taking time to do research for one of personal project named Astral-0. I mainly wrote and setup the universe, main storyline and setup the art-direction. Astral-0 takes place between two worlds, our reality and another dimension filled with demons and damned soul... The universe is 'fantasy gothic' and the main character (under, top left) is named Nitten and protect his clients... In short and to pitch it quickly, my main idea behind 'A0' is a sort of cross over between City Hunter and Constantine.

I started to sketch the design I had in mind for the main characters, the demons, but I'm not fully satisfied with the visual I share today. I'm still far at having a good drawing style to get into this world. But I thought it could help me to show a bit of my progress on my blog instead of hiding everything. I hope the next artworks I'll do on the topic will capture a little bit more the universe I have in mind.

And here is a little montage of the tool I used during this preproduction period: