Litchee the Dark Elf

I made several studies on this artwork : - playing around to come back to life my old OC named "Litchee" ( main character from one of my first comic project , as a teenager )
- testing a new way to conceive my shading ; from the light bouncing off the orange tissue background environment

  • creasing the blacks values on the picture and keep a high-contrast
  • studying also this grayish skin mid tone I wanted to get for my vision of the dark elf ( drows ) I kept 'unfinished' parts because I'm not really satisfied with the result, and prefer to move-on to another study for now. software : Krita on Linux Mint KDE

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link Yuri   - Reply

Never saw such a strong contrast in a picture from you, David! Nice!

link jules leroux   - Reply

tu fait de superbes dessins c'est a chaque fois un emerveillement

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Yuri & @jules leroux Merci !

link Paul Andruchiewicz   - Reply

perfect... see no reason to be "not satisfied"
want to see it as a poster on my wall

...thank you for all your tutorials. They show us that there is no magic behind it and everybody can achieve it.
helps alot in motivation and technique

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Paul Andruchiewicz : Merci Paul ! Yes, there is no mistery , secret software or tablet might don't do everything ( even if a good soft, and a good tablet helps a lot ) Most of the skill for 2D is about the drawing and painting technics . Thanks for your encouragements ! I should be able to post next tutorial on Wednesday .D is

link Maria   - Reply

Hello David. I'm a big fan of your fantasy illustrations. I loved this artwork, the lines are perfect and the details astonishing.
I was wondering if you could draw a tattoo for me? I'm willing to negociate payment and stuff. I'm from Brazil and am looking foward to your reply!
Au revoir, merci beaucoup!!

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Maria : Hi Maria, Thanks for your nice comment :-)
Sure , I can be commissioned to draw custom tatoo ; I can work via Paypal . Email me at with more details and infos ( size you need, ideas about the drawing, color or black&white ). I'll reply you with a price proposition.

link fonds d'écran   - Reply

Superbe travail, superbes réalisations que je découvre depuis le forum de PluXml.
Moi qui suis passionné de graphisme, là nous ne sommes pas, mais pas du tout dans le même monde : du 'pro' et de la qualité, de l'arrtistique même. Chapeau bas et surtout bonne route, car là c'est vraiment du très beau graphisme, tout comme la conception de ton site.
encore une fois : bravo !

link Md Sumon   - Reply

Wow ! very cute little baby . This art and painting are very perfect. Everyone will like this.

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