Krita Sketch on Wacom Cintiq21UX

I rarely do fan-art ; but can-you recognize this team ? :-)

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License: fu FAIR USE This artwork is a Fan-art: it has no commercial purpose.
It just shows my love (because I'm a fan) of the original product.
Do not reuse this artwork unless you know what you are doing.
Owner of the copyright (mentioned in the article) can reuse this one
as they want or ask me to remove this artwork: I'll comply with it.
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

Tags:  #artworks  #tablet  #wacom  #fan-art  #fair-use

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link Michał   - Reply

Hi, David I have big request... could you upload some of your brush stuff for Krita?! Please!!!

link José Daniel Ramírez Amador   - Reply

Chrono Cross?

link José Daniel Ramírez Amador   - Reply

Sorry, Chrono Trigger?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

hehe, not Chrono Cross :)

@Michał : Sure ! the brush kit is still not complete and icons might change ( with other artist we are setting up a sort of standard documentation for it, and I'm waiting confirmation of the stabilisation ). Waiting this moment, you can try this beta version ; all brush were rewritten from scratch since V2 , so they are all a bit different : , feel free to give feedback about it :)

link Le_Hobbit   - Reply

Secret of Mana. You make me want to play this game again :) Great sketch

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Le_Hobbit : Win ! yes, it's Secret of Mana ; one of my favorite game ever :)
for the one who don't know :

link Jacob   - Reply

Hi David,

I'm trying out your new brush set and many of them have a red X on them and won't work. Is there a brush trouble shooting post to list them in?

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@Jacob : Hey Jacob , are you talking on my v2 brushkit or on the newer beta V3 one ( I give the link under so I'm confuse ) .
The V2 has issue with last Krita master ; some internal brush linked with Krita get name change, and hard to fix because the change are not over.
For the last beta Kit , I split all dependencies from Krita, so I use only my brush resources to avoid any problems.

link Michał   - Reply

Thanks for the brushes David:) Definitely gonna check them out.

link Jacob   - Reply


I tried the beta v3 set. I'm also using the newest version of Krita for Windows as well, if that tells you anything.

link Matthieu   - Reply

i really love your art style.

thx a lot agin for sharing you brush kit :)

link artbottle   - Reply

May I ask where I can get this sort of hand protection (I don't know the professional term) that you are wearing? I have been looking for such a thing for a while now without success...

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

@artbottle : I found mine typing 'glove' on the search field of Wacom e-shop website. It was around 15€ as far as I remember. I had to adapt mine a bit ( shorten a bit the last finger with sewing it a little bit ) , but since this time it doesn't change aspect with time ( I have it since 2010 ) . Easy to wash & dry, material is a bit like 'bathing suit' tissue :) I wear it more than 6h / days ^ ^ . I recommand it even for normal tablet , because it's smooth !

@Matthieu & @Jacob ; thanks for the feedback about V3 ; I'll probably release the final brush kit this week ; I made little change to improve performance, and I'll change a bit the thumbnail to match the new standards specification we invented with Ramon and Animtim.

link artbottle   - Reply

Thank you very much for your answer. This helps me a lot! :)

link Taposy Rabeya   - Reply

Very cool. You always inspire me and I love your work as always.

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