Tips for working with values in Krita

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For black and white artworks or when you need to spend long time working on the values in your process , you 'll probably appreciate this ...

Specific Color Selector

  • Add the docker 'Specific Color Selector' ( Top menu : Settings > Docker > Specific Color Selector )
  • Check the box 'Show Colorspace Selector'
  • Turn the model to 'Grayscale'
  • Uncheck the 'Show Colorspace Selector'
  • Resize the box to have a long width
    ... Now you have a wider range of selection for selecting precisely a value

Light pollution around

  • To dim down all the polluting back-light of your display around artwork and help you to focus on your artwork, a good idea to change Krita for a darker theme.
    Top menu : Setting > Theme > ...then choose.
    I tend to work more in the 'Krita-blender' theme, or as on the screenshot above 'Krita-darker'
    Note : Gnome / Xfce / Unity users may have a bad rendering. Install kde-style-oxygen package , and setup it with qt4-qtconfig to solve
  • Also, you can dim the value of the color 'around the canvas' in Krita
    Top menu : Settings > Configure Krita -> ( display icon on the left column ) -> Canvas border : 'Color'
    Depending the mood, I use or a dark value here ( 50 ) or a mid one ( 128 ) , but rarely above

Keyboard shortcut

You can press at any moment while painting this two mnemonic shortcuts
K for 10% darKer value
L for 10% Lighter value
Also, as a reminder : I for less opacI_ty, and O for more Opaque are just above , and M for Mirroring view ...

Save your workspace

Krita can save 'workspace' witch mean you can save mukltiple dockers positions depending your activities, or workflow
Toolbar : Last icon -> Insert a name -> Save
ex : here I have my trusty 'Black-White_1200x1600' workspace ready to launch for my screen.

License: "Tips for working with values in Krita" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link MrBeast  

I am not sold on the darker color-space, I mean in what case will the artwork be shown in a dark environment? Probably only if you are working on a movie or a video game.

link Yuri Fidélis  

Cool, David.
I'm preparing a Krita quick reference with all shortcuts, for printing and folding to put on your desk. I'll post it on the forums soon and maybe you can spread it around.

link Boudewijn Rempt  

Hm... Reading this, I'm wondering whether a 5% increment for the light/dark shortcuts wouldn't be nicer.

link David Revoy Author,

@MrBeast : Also , I think I prefer darker UI for Krita since I'm working on the Cintiq ; the short distance of the screen and my eyes... I think I want to limit lightness and contrast all around the canvas to keep focused.

@Yuri Fidélis : Oh cool ! Sure, I'll spread it.

@Boudewijn Rempt : I never felt the need to change this value, always worked for me. But, I guess it's a easy value to tweak and test. It may be better , it may be worst :)

link Sanjay Maurya  

Just checking your website today. It seems your RSS link is not working.

link David Revoy Author,

@Sanjay Maurya : Oh, thanks for the notification. I would love to fix that. What RSS agregator do you use ? ( I may need it to see if I can reproduce ) . Here I can access the infos here :"> .

link @susandevy  

Hi, I'm just learning about Krita and trying to get use with its interface,

so I landed in your helpful post, and realized that I got some problem because I used version 2.4,

because I use Ubuntu OS, so I have to install version 2.5 with added ppa :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install krita

there, then I could change krita's theme :)

thanks for your post,
and looking forward for your next post :D

link David Revoy Author,

@@susandevy : Hi Susan , oh yes ; Krita development is high-speed , and the development of 2.8 started a little month ago while 2.7 is still not 'ready' to be packaged . I think recent Linux distribution ship with 2.6 . 2.5 is a nice version and I used it on the production of "Tears of Steel" but a lot of performance improvement were done on 2.6 .
Are you using Ubuntu 12.04 ?
Becarefull with last qt4****** updates , Ubuntu developpers broke all KDE apps during last week , they should have fixed it , btw ; but a lot of report were reported on forum and bugtracker about it. It affected Gnome based system ( Xubuntu/ Unity / Gnome ) ; no issue with Openbox and KDE desktop management.

link Taposy Rabeya  

Great post. this kind of information could be really expensive. We are learning a lot of things from you.
Many thanks!

link Deepak  

I am new to Krita....but really enjoying the features. Thanks David and the team krita :)

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