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screenshot of my user page on Wikimedia ( user name : Deevad ) [ link ]

I uploaded to Wikimedia Commons free illustration ready to use and also free concept-art I did for Sintel / Chaos&Evolutions / Blend&Paint / Tears Of Steel and other open project. The files were uploaded in the highest resolution I have and in lossless compression. The artwork were released with open license, such as CC-By or CC-By-Sa . I did it on the request of someone who wanted to have an overview of my open artwork done.
For sure, it wasn't easy with time to search for them inside my blog. Now exist a central place to host and watch them. I'll update it.

Here is a quick list of artwork probably cool to watch in HD : - Panorama 3d paint-over of the city of Ishtar in Sintel
- Dragon cave concept art
- Blend&Paint 'mission' artwork
- Chaos&Evolutions 'Quetzalcoat' ...Feel free to use according the license !

Main page : List of files :

a detail at 100% of Chaos&Evolutions 'Quetzalcoat

Note : Thanks Wikimedia Teams for the hosting.

License: "Contribution: artworks on Wikimedia" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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