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So, I'm back from the Viewconferences 2012 ( read previous blog post to know more about ).

I had an amazing time.

It was my third Viewconferences, and I met many brillant directors and artists from the best studios and CG companies.
Many thanks to every one who participated to the workshops or went to met me.
Also many thanks to the organisators / staff and live traducors.

Here under is a resume in picture of what happened :

Viewconference 2012 : During the 5 min concept art presentation of Tears of Steel
Congratz to the ToS artist Francesco and Nicolo for the good presentation they prepared.
During the presentation ; ToS get screened , and a live render of Blender was made.
Photo credit : Linuz90 Fabrizio Rinaldi

During the last day workshop, on my left the translator Eva Verstraete.
I asked to 3 participants who came to almost all workshops to choose a color and an animal to set the theme.
It ended with : Lizard-Green , Unicorn-DeepBlue , Owl-Violet
And thats how the creature Griblue was born.

photo credit : Chiara Lococo

Various artworks done into the conferences :

From top to bottom:

Krita workshop ( talking composition, layer, B&W ) , krita workshop ( detailing the character ) , Gimp+Gmic workshop ( generative effect / deformation / color fix / snow, rain / etc... ) , Illustration demo ( a full scene of a desert elf ) , Character creation demo ( Griblue the creature )

I hope to be around next year too !

A speedpainting of the 'Piazza Carlina' I had to cross each morning to go to the conferences , beautifull in autumn ! ( Better resolution here )

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