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Another graphical test. Yep, I doesn't post often sketches or speed. ( I should? ) This time I inspect this way :
- Sketch & draw speedly as I can in Mypaint using a single brush, save to *.ora
- Crop, colorise line and Paint and finish image with Krita, focus on a limited palette. I try to simplify maximum the steps to win time, not easy, but I have the feeling I'm on the right way. I'll continue in my freetime with trying a cleaner artwork with this technic.

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link Gerson   - Reply

Looks very good :cool:

link andrew   - Reply

> Yep, I doesn't post often sketches or speed. ( I should? )
It would be nice.

link sage   - Reply

I wouldn't say « You should », but I would say « I would appreciate ».

link Grace   - Reply

ouais ça ressemble tellement cool:):):):):):):):)

link Tyson Rock   - Reply

That the awesome sharing.

link artby pix   - Reply

You should, I was drawn to this image not lost in the color. I love it

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