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A a personnal fan-art speed-painting ( 2h30 , full Krita 2.4 beta ) descripting a character inspired from the depiction of 'Boromir' , a fictive character created by Tolkien in the famous and classic book trilogy fantasy 'The Lord of the Ring' (Lotr ). The recent cinema adaptation didn't give justice to this character in my opinion ; the actor wasn't really 'like' the description of Tolkien. So, I tryed to make 'mine'.

It's also done to help the maintainer of the Lotr Wikipedia team. ( Link on Wikimedia : ( full res hosted ) : ) Many drawer and digital painters don't know they can help a lot the famous encyclopedy by drawing. I was in contact with 'Harmonia' , a Wikipedia active team member who take care about fantasy pages. After a little talk to her over IRC, I was surprised Wikipedia team have really a lot of difficulties to find illustrations for fantasy pages, and mostly for finding fan-art of already fictionnal character. For the law, artist can produce 'fan-art', and Wikipedia actually use them to illustrate famous novel, and other content. If you want to also contribute , I wrote with Harmonia a little help :

* FILE Proposed file format ; JPG ( without too much compression ) or PNG

* SKILL & TECHNIC : Every skills and technics are welcomes. No need gorgeous detailed artworks with thousand of hours of work ; sometime just a sketch or a speedpainting can helps a lot. Do originals drawings : drawing performed in this frame shouldn't be inspired or look like existing ones or like movie's captures. Please only use textual descriptions as reference, don't copy existing commercial images. Submit this way as many illustrations as you want. Feel free to frame the theme as you want...

* STORAGE Store final file on Wikimedia Commons. By posting your artwork on Wikimedia commons you agree to post it under a Creative Commons, or other libre licenses compatible with Wikimedia Commons of course. You can post a comment here with the link , or contact Harmonia : harmonia 'dot' amanda 'at' gmail 'dot' com
( replace 'dot' by . , and 'at' by @ ; this assure no robot will spam her address )

* THEMES PROPOSED : This list hosted externally ( mainly because of lenght ) on pasteall will help you to pick one theme :

Have fun with painting/sketching !

(Fan-art of Lord of the Ring, a property of Tolkien Estate.)

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License: fu FAIR USE This artwork is a Fan-art: it has no commercial purpose.
It just shows my love (because I'm a fan) of the original product.
Do not reuse this artwork unless you know what you are doing.
Owner of the copyright (mentioned in the article) can reuse this one
as they want or ask me to remove this artwork: I'll comply with it.
Unless otherwise mentioned in the article.

Tags:  #Krita  #fan-art  #fair-use

Corrections and improvements are welcome:

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link Irina   - Reply

Wow! Yes, much more like (my idea of) Boromir than the one in the film. Youngish, though :-)

Can you do Faramir too?

link Steven Powers (SMP)   - Reply

Cool. I still haven' been able to get Krita 2.4 to load on Mint 12. I have been looking forward to giving it a good try.

link   - Reply

Nice work!

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