Future Amsterdam

An early concept art participation for the project Mango, the 4th movie of the Blender Foundation. This one will happen on a futuristic version of Amsterdam. This artwork is a paint-over from an original photo under found on Wikimedia Commons ( watermark on the picture for additional infos ). CC licenses rocks ! I get fun with many little details.

original :

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License: CC BY
David Revoy, www.davidrevoy.com, .
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link Shy   - Reply

StarBigBuckBunny Coffee :D

link Gez   - Reply

Bladerunner-esque! Cool!

link Otakun_Z   - Reply

The poster of Sintel is cool jeje great work David +1

link StanP   - Reply

Wow, cool !
It has a Moebius "l'incal" kind of awesome style.

Can't wait to see the mango project first renders.

link Aditia   - Reply

awesome...just notice Sintel being up there :)

link Erick ( Dinobonoide )   - Reply

WOW !! that's a great new *-* ! i Love the Blender's movies.

link Brett McCoy   - Reply

Very cool! I like your use of color, many films tend to be too desaturated or only use two colors (usually teal and orange).

link Lucas Romero   - Reply

great concept!
The fourth open movie is going to be good!

link LswaN   - Reply

That's great. I like the open movie references you put in there, and am looking forward to more Mango concepts.

link Yuli   - Reply

love this work.

link Milad Thaha   - Reply

Wow, awesome stuff! :D Lmao @ SBB! xD

link Viktor Dujmovic   - Reply

Awesome work! Wish you all the best in this project! AND it would be a pleasure to see some of your artwork at our <a href="http://www.globalartnet.org">art community</a> site! :)

link B.   - Reply

Chouette illu à l'ambiance bien plombée, façon "Blade Runner". L'idée du "statut" des passants affiché à leurs pieds (si j'ai bien compris) est intéressante.

link Kasia   - Reply

Looks pretty cool ^.^

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