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License: "Help desk" by David Revoy − CC-BY-SA 4.0
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link Ray Of Sunlight   - Reply

Typical, they think you're stupid cuz most clients are stupid. Yeah, sure.

link   - Reply

My favorite part is the price tags :)

link Aks :quake_verified: :kde:   - Reply

can always try sfc /scannow

link Oblomov   - Reply

got out alive, that's something to be happy about anyway ;-)

link Joe   - Reply

sudo will fix it ☝️

link Tealk   - Reply

If the sword is from Microsoft, what the dwarf says will work.

link :blahaj: Why Not Zoidberg? 🦑   - Reply

I half expected the help desk to be a mimic

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@WhyNotZoidberg I agree, the mimic has to be back, and a running joke.

On one of my early scenario for this one, I had the "I want to see your manager" and then the dragon being the manager. 😆

3 ★

link Linebyline   - Reply

@WhyNotZoidberg Conflict of interest? Sure, but who are you going to report it to? HR? Guess who's in charge of that department!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@linebyline @WhyNotZoidberg 🤣 🤣

link stefan   - Reply

are there even warranties in fantasy worlds. I mean if sword or armor were defective you would pay with your life right? No claims can be made from the dead....

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@stefan hehe 😂 The survivor bias.

link BarbabluM   - Reply

You have to report to the goddess of the next you are reborn.

“The world I was reborn in, I sued for liabilitie!”
(No rights reserved(by me😅))


link stefan   - Reply

@Barbablu I am just imagining... The only goddess I would ever see is likely Aqua from Konosuba :blobcatjoy:

She would only be like: "Boo hoo you messed up you low-life" or some similar insult and then would likely waver some "agreement" I signed when I got to fantasy-world the first time and in the fine-print says something like: "She is not liable to any damages caused by reincarnating into another world. No warranty and no taksie-backsies, but you do get a cool cheat skill in return so :apartyblobcat: "

As far as your isekai-title goes... By now I think you could write something like this :blobcatjoy:

link Gobabu   - Reply

Some job openings as necromancer-attorney at law.
Have you been maimed, savaged, clawed, murdered? You are entitled to compensation.

link Ivan Sagalaev :flag_wbw:   - Reply

okay, there's one thing that my perfectionist's brain just can't get over! On the left two panes there's a short part of the blade sticking out of the hilt, but on the right two panes it's not there. So I can't figure out which kind of damage it is: did the blade break apart or did it fall out of the hilt?

P.S. I'd probably be working at this place you drawn, right?

link Steve   - Reply

@isagalaev Here you go . . . the panel before (enjoy!):

link Ivan Sagalaev :flag_wbw:   - Reply

@SteveTux I've seen that one. It does feature the blade stub, but it just adds to one side of the inconsistency. :-)

link Steve   - Reply

Ah! Now I see your point. But we don't know all about the feature of the sword. ;)
It might have been "on" before (on the way) and at the table it could be turned "off".

Anyway, I love the comics and the style and the open source / FLOSS approach as well.
Well done, !

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@SteveTux @isagalaev Thank you Ivan for the feedback and thank you Steve!

I added the little tip of broken sword to the guard; I'll update it on my blog.
Probably not here because it would ping everyone in notifications who interacted with the comic, and I would have to add an 'edit reason' that's probably a little too long for a details.

Thanks again!

A close up on the panel fixed: the Blacksmith is in front of the broken sword. 6 ★

link Steve   - Reply

@isagalaev You are welcome. :)
Thanks for noticing and reacting.

link Ivan Sagalaev :flag_wbw:   - Reply

my mind is at peace now, thank you :-)

link Takiro 🎨   - Reply

Try sheathing and unsheathing.

link GuB 🕶️🎸🔌🎚️🔊💥   - Reply

"C'est pas garanti contre les dragons. Vous avez lu les conditions générales ?"

6 ★

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@gub 🤣 🤣 🤣 👍

link Bouly le mouton rayé   - Reply


link Jay of the fo(ur c|rk h)andles   - Reply

"I don't see the problem, my sword is working"

link 月の兎 :moonrabbit: 🌕   - Reply and then help desk check the actual uptime of the sword and find you've lied to them. Source, I am IT helpdesk.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@amoonrabbit Haha 😆 😆

link raspbeguy   - Reply

my quality montage

🖼️ 1ff7e41503f6fe87.jpg 

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@raspbeguy 😍 Thank you Raspbeguy!

link Frank Hightower   - Reply

"How does one 'turn off' a sword?"
"you put it in its scabbard"
"So... you have tried?"

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@FrankHghTwr 🤣

link Jorge Bejarano   - Reply


link Gorizord   - Reply

I wouldn't be surprised if it actually works.

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@gorizord 🤣

link Solknar   - Reply

Roy et Maurice n'auraient pas mieux dit!

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@solknar Hehe, je suis fan inconditionel des premières heures. J'avais trop envie de la placer un jour dans une BD cette phrase. 😋

link levzzz :flag_wbw:   - Reply

almost expected this to be loss ngl

link Zekounet   - Reply

Putain j'ai ri !
Merci 😁

link NeroBurner   - Reply

Maybe she can install Linux on her sword to make updates when she wants to do them 😁

link Marc Tapages 🐰⏚🚲🎺   - Reply

et ben bravo, je vais m'endormir avec le générique dans la tête ....

Et bravo surtout pour ces belles cases (je suis surtout fan de la première à l'ambiance guillerette et ensoleillée et mystérieuse à cause de l'ombre en premier plan)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@marctapages Merci! 😊

link Carlos Solís   - Reply

"But the switch is in the darnged hilt!"

"Sure sure, have you tried using the alternate voice command?"

"Voice... command?"

"You heard it right!" (Whistles loudly, a buff ironsmith comes and starts smacking the sword together with a hammer)

link Arcane Cluster   - Reply

still supporting on Patreon! My son & I love your work! Cheers ^_^

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@ArcaneCluster Thank you very much 😍

link Linebyline   - Reply

"Sorry, we can't open a ticket until you've tried installing the latest updates."

link Bernd Paysan R.I.P Natenom 🕯️   - Reply

Swords come out of a rock. Have you tried pushing it in and pulling it out again?

link Gytis Repečka   - Reply

A good one :awesome:

link megumumpkin   - Reply

I really like these short strips you've been making! And yeah this solution does work for me most of the time too, but not with swords sadly XD

link hinindil   - Reply

Other answers: RTFM! Update to the next version! or Oh no, not again!

link andre   - Reply

Also CC to (instance not yet on my allowlist and therefore likely not notified):

Just shared
with fellow students today.


link andre   - Reply

Why do the other swords don't have a 🙂 on their crossguard?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@andre Haha, good point. I forgot to do it! Maybe they need to get enchanted by an Install Wizard. 🧙‍♂️ 😆

link andre   - Reply

I currently research the sword type. Closest I can find is a Scottish Claymore.

Perhaps the hero receives an alternative one during repair? seems fitting, given the last comic.

(Is the blade challenging there?)

link andre   - Reply

The main „culprit” is that most swords get thinner to the tip over the whole length.

It also depends on the use (hack or stab) which influences the crossguard and how many hands are required to wield it. Preference for two here.

link andre   - Reply

Testing the sword be like:

link Giles Goat   - Reply

Reminds me of a joke, there are a chemist, an engineer and a SW engineer in a car, suddenly the car refuses to start .. The chemist goes "must be a problem with the fuel, we should change it" .. The engineer goes "must be a problem with the engine, something needs to be fixed" .. The SW engineer goes "Let's try to exit and re-enter the car again maybe it'll start" ..

link Christophe Brocas :salt:   - Reply

hello David, just a small fix to the alt-text of your image: in the description there are two "panel 3" instead of a "panel 3" and a "panel 4" 🙏

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@cbrocas Thank you!
I'll port that in the metadata of my file for the future official MiniFantasyTheater website coming soon. 👍

(I'll not edit the post here, because it would reping everyone who interacted with it on their notifications, noisy 😅 )

link anatoliyn🕺   - Reply


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