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License: "Monster" by David Revoy (Prooreading: Kattni, Scissors, Audreyeena and Viidahr.) − CC-BY-SA 4.0
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link socketwench   - Reply


link Da Scritch   - Reply

wiiiiiii !

link Da Scritch   - Reply

cela explique donc cette profusion chez les sorcières de chats...

link Settantahertz   - Reply

I see no mistakes :D

link Maou 😻   - Reply

Maou just want to says Maou is not like this :blobcatcoffee:

Maou have a moral: Maou never attacks feet if human is not sleeping in the bed

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link   - Reply ​:neocat_floof_cute:​

link Lien Rag   - Reply

Mignon comme tout, mais d'un autre côté vu qu'il n'a clairement¹ pas précisé dans son voeu qu'il voulait que le monstre lui obéisse, il a eu de la chance que le monstre en question ne soit pas plus gros...

¹ sinon il aurait pas eu un chat

link Alyssa Voronin   - Reply

Yeah, that seems about right. 🤭

link Disciple, sers la science   - Reply


link Yiming Wu ✅ Use OurPaint   - Reply


link Bruno Bellamy   - Reply

That's not even fantasy! You make realistic comics now… ;)

link 猫猫 :verifiedsabakan: :antifa:   - Reply ​:neocat_lul:​ accurate description

link James B.   - Reply

this is adorable and also the truth and I love it 🤣

link blaue_Fledermaus   - Reply

Should have specified "obedient"

link 🐧DaveNull🐧 ☣️pResident Evil☣   - Reply

@blaue_Fledermaus Nah… Good thing he didn't. That would be the definition of a militirized cop…

link Mahid Sheikh   - Reply

my cat would like to dispute that

🖼️ 1f45bc590c7587ef.jpg 

link Sasuke :ablobcool:   - Reply


link TheNovemberMan 🇺🇲 🇺🇦☸️☯️🛰️🚀🖖   - Reply


link Daniel ⏚   - Reply

Reminds me @Bouletcorp


link Cytrynid   - Reply

Be careful with your wishes. If you ever demand from the Djinn to control a one most deadliest to humankind creature – you will get a mosquito.

(Also this is the way to trick the lord of wishes to give you a catgirl: demand a second most deadliest to humankind creature, but specify about sharp claws, night vision, absent morals etc etc)

link floydgump   - Reply

I saw the devil and the devil is us.

link Sybren Stüvel 🔶   - Reply


link Coralie Renée   - Reply


JPP. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

link Terry Wallwork   - Reply

So true :)

link Angella Louis   - Reply


link Xalofar, bookworm ⚰️   - Reply


link Anna   - Reply

The dijnn is an ai?

link Konqi   - Reply

What can I say? I just love it.

link 🐧DaveNull🐧 ☣️pResident Evil☣   - Reply

Accurate 😂

link roofuskit   - Reply

they should have included that it obey their commands, then they wouldn't have gotten the cat

link m0xEE   - Reply

Was I granted two wishes, how did I end up with two of them? I can't remember a thing! 🥴

link Fish Id Wardrobe   - Reply

Cats do have morals, though. Certainly they don't have *human* morals, but, even so.

link Тр3тий Сергеевич   - Reply

🖼️ 826084a959386750.jpg 

link 27329ed9-2211-a1ba-9371-e2641bf0dcb6   - Reply

cc @numas13

link MHunt   - Reply

cats are eeeevviiiil...

link JCF 🍻 🎸 🇨🇵 💻🐧   - Reply


Toujours aussi bon

À quand le prochain alboum de Pepper & Carrot ?

link Andres Bravo   - Reply


link Carl C   - Reply

This got shared to my company "cats" channel by someone who isn't me, and was recognized by several others as your work. :)

link mirabilos   - Reply

@raven your company has a cats channel?

Clearly your coworkers have more taste than mine.

link Carl C   - Reply

@mirabilos Cats channel is a mental health necessity.

link mirabilos   - Reply

@raven yeah, it shows. Though we don’t do Windows or Macintosh, so it’s not so bad overall.

link spiralhalo   - Reply

he forgot to specify the ability to command the monster. now look what he's done!

link Furan Ircas   - Reply

link mirabilos   - Reply


link anatoliyn   - Reply

🤣, I have been laughing for 2 hours

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