Morning routine

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License: "Morning routine" by David Revoy − CC-BY-SA 4.0
Tags:  #webcomic  #minifantasytheater   | Download: Markdown


link Arne Babenhauserheide   - Reply

awww, nice! I’m so passing this on ☺

link kimothy siddon   - Reply

i love this so much

link Meercat ✅   - Reply

A little bit of caffeine

link m0bi   - Reply

Love this <3

link Felix Urbasik   - Reply

Ohhh! New stuff from you? ❤️

link Eric McCorkle   - Reply

first year grad school...

link Yiming Wu ✅ Use OurPaint   - Reply

Is this gonna be the format of the new comic series you talked about before? XD

link Ciourte Piaille   - Reply

Féminisation de la fameuse histoire du mec qui rentre dans un café. Plouf.

link MicroBlog Castellano   - Reply

@ciourte Spanish version of that joke was one of my favourites when I was a child. I didn't know the same joke existed in French.

link Ray Of Sunlight   - Reply

She's burning herself xD

link Ciourte Piaille   - Reply

I think there's a problem at the end of the alt text. Something like "a giant cup of coffee" would make more sense than "a DIY". 😄

link Luna-chan   - Reply

absolutely astounding artwork

link GoodNewsGreyShoes🔞   - Reply

@lunachan What they said ☝️🤩

link Stemy   - Reply

Elle est entrée dans un café, mais pas dans le sens habituel.

link twi! :heartSparkleEnby:   - Reply

@stemy c'est un café ayant un consistance un peu différente des autres

link LonM   - Reply

That alarm clock is amazing :) How would the long hand even go around... Its only use is to wake you up

link A Sweet Gentleman   - Reply


link Mike Hanley   - Reply

Coffee is not known to directly increase red blood cell production or blood volume levels in any significant way for most people. But for people on Gallifrey......

link Zalasur 🐵   - Reply

I only wish this cup of coffee was waiting for me every morning. I usually have to make it myself. 😅

link Shorty   - Reply

Caffeine addiction is a serious condition, but so is caffeine withdrawal :blobcattea:

link Elfififififififi...   - Reply

as a fairy I do this all the time

link Sybren Stüvel 🔶   - Reply

@artificial3d this is us

link Andy Goralczyk   - Reply

@sybren cooooooffeeeeehhhh!1

link Helkriz   - Reply

Extreme but awesome!

link Oook   - Reply

a more realistic version would see Pepper being woken up by Carrot licking her face, then Carrot overtaking and fishtail her to grab her attention that he is hungry and/or need to get out having a pee, making her tumble and crash in the stairs.

She would never reach that coffee cup alive anyway.

link Fábio Costa :2024:🐇🕐🎩☕   - Reply

this is my life!

link 「 Fristi 」   - Reply

that's gonna leave a big coffee stain :woozy_m:

link Carlos Solís   - Reply

Coffee so dense, that Pepper can float on it - then again, considering that the coffee looks like 1% water at most...

link horstworst   - Reply


link Arioch   - Reply

moi le matin (allégorie - David Revoy 2024)

link El Dado Inquieto   - Reply

A very good one, well done.

link Petra van Cronenburg   - Reply

I love this so much, could be me! 🤭

link 猫猫 :verifiedsabakan: :antifa:   - Reply me, the manga enjoyer, first read it in the wrong direction ​:neocat_googly_woozy:​

link stefan   - Reply

@puniko :blobcatjoy: Oh I know that effect.

Davids comics are worth that effort though. Always good.

link 猫猫 :verifiedsabakan: :antifa:   - Reply oh ye, i love davids art-style, it has somewhat of a comfy vibes imo

link Karna Samarium   - Reply

she should brush her teeth first :D

link Passenger   - Reply

How did you spy on my partner's morning routine this accurately?

link Efi (nap pet) 🦊💤   - Reply

people keep saying this is me, but I don't have a cute night gown like that ;w;

link vv221   - Reply

J’avais imaginé beaucoup de choses pour le lancement du Mini Fantasy Theater, mais toutes mes attentes ont été dépassées. Je suis déjà un fan inconditionnel et sans limite de durée !

link Gavroche   - Reply

🖼️ ca643ed88ebc6984.webp 

link Coralie Renée   - Reply

@jesuisgavroche 🤣🤣🤣

link Norihiori   - Reply

C'est une femme qui rentre dans un café ... et plouf !

link aliceice   - Reply

Love it! 🥰

link Juni   - Reply

I'm in this image and I don't like it. :ablobcatcoffee: :ablobcatnodfast: /jk

link DavidDraw   - Reply

Just a little bit coffee in the morning. 😋😂
Great art! 😊

link RustyBertrand   - Reply

Coffee stops working when you get #LongCovid

Also, most alcohol starts causing awful allergy reactions.

Every day, a new fucking surprise.

link eMili   - Reply


Hm, for me, Coffey works but I get swindels from any Stimulants (including coffey) :(

Is better now but had to take a complete break from coffey for a few months.

link das_menschy   - Reply

@Emili @RustyBertrand for me, a really cold shower (yes, also on your head!) in the morning works better than coffee. That wakes you up *instantly*. And you get a clear head and feel so good after drying and dressing up yourself (and not freezing anymore).

link das_menschy   - Reply

@Emili @RustyBertrand cold showers are
- cheaper than coffee (no need to buy coffee)
- more environmentally friendly than coffee (no need to transport coffee beans thousands of kilometres over the oceans)
- not addictive like coffee
- do not deplete your energy ressources like coffee (which only gives you a short boost for 1-2 hours, followed by a rapid downfall)

link eMili   - Reply

@das_menschy @RustyBertrand

I use coffee as ADHD medication.... Cold showers wont rly help with that. But thanks for ur moral judgement.

link das_menschy   - Reply

@Emili @RustyBertrand I also have ad(h)d (without the h)

link Ben ☀️-shine   - Reply

I love your short storiies! It makes my evenings bright and clear and puts a smile on my face, even if the day is gloomy and health is suppar.
Thank you for your triangle alarm clock and the cute cat. (=

link epicEaston197   - Reply

"Don't talk to me until I had my coffee"

the coffee

link 0mega ☣ [SK]   - Reply Der Comic ist doch was für dich, oder? ​:neocat_cofe:​

link Olivier Saraja ☕️📚🦖🛸👻   - Reply

Story of my Life ☺️

link villon   - Reply

There is no life before coffee.

link Andres Bravo   - Reply


link Xalofar, bookworm ⚰️   - Reply


link Andromeda Yelton   - Reply

panel 1 here is exceptionally relatable, including the snuggly orange boi

link nunux   - Reply


link Steven Sandoval   - Reply

coffee onsen reminds me of lava onsen. #Hololive #KaelaKovalskia #ourokronii

link :wee: Adzy :wee:   - Reply

c'est une sorcière qui rentre dans un café et plouf

link Coralie Renée   - Reply

Dondrink coffee but I relate. 😅

link Enia Titova   - Reply

@tsturm how did you get this video of me

link Thomas Sturm   - Reply

@eniatitova 😆

link Andrei Kucharavy   - Reply

@Viss really reminded me of style of Boulet (oh wait, he is here: @Bouletcorp)

link Lyons   - Reply

I need to frame a print of this for my partner.

link MHunt   - Reply

she'll get burns.

link :mima_rule: Mima-sama   - Reply sips the coffee ​:seija_coffee:​

link der.hans   - Reply

@lilithsaintcrow visual to match some of your posts :)

link Lili Saintcrow   - Reply

@lufthans It me!

link kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:   - Reply

I want this as a print on my desk. 😅

link thetechdog   - Reply


link Armeris 🔻🇵🇸   - Reply

I love it!! Are you selling prints of this one??

link Felix Urbasik   - Reply

I know somebody needs to hear this: If you have trouble with stress, anxiety or sleeping, try cutting out the caffeine! My neurologist advised me to live caffeine-free and I felt a lot better since I did that.

I still enjoy coffee, it's just decaf! ☕

link Luc :bc: :bc: :bc: :bc: :bc:   - Reply

cc @luccamerel 😉

link twi! :heartSparkleEnby:   - Reply

aaah, j'adore !!

link lazy cat ☮️   - Reply

adorable! ^.^

link das_menschy   - Reply

my morning routine is a really really cold shower! That makes me awake *instantly* and is much better than coffee (which only gives you a 2 hour boost, followed by a rapid downfall when the coffein effect fades out and your energy ressources are depleted).

link vv221   - Reply

much better than coffee
Sorry, what you wrote does not make sense.


link das_menschy   - Reply

@vv221 try it out, it does make sense!

link Billiglarper   - Reply

Thanks a lot for your art. This is gorgeous!

link Marnic   - Reply

C'est moi ça en fait 😅

link Michał "rysiek" Woźniak · 🇺🇦   - Reply

that's a lot of hot chocolate!

link tisaac   - Reply

Je pensais que @dlb habitait une demeure plus modeste. Par ailleurs, elle se plaint parfois de devoir le préparer son café.
Sinon, pour le reste, il me semble y avoir des similitudes

link mirabilos   - Reply

I feel seen! Meow! 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ here.

link vanblessed   - Reply

cc @joy_d_joy

link Visionaire   - Reply

This is every day...🤣

link 冯白诺   - Reply

scary how accurate 😆

link Senjoro Mensogo   - Reply

I notice you using the 'SA' clause with these recent comics. I'm certainly not opposed to copylefting culture, but what made you want to use Share-alike with Mini Fantasy Theater?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@Mensogo Hey, that's right. I always had my heart for copyleft licenses; but I decided for Pepper&Carrot to use the CCby for various reasons. The switch for CCBySa and reasons on MiniFantasyTheater will be the topic of a blog post; I need more text to detail the multifactor reasons and report the issues I had with CCBy on 10 years of Pepper&Carrot and what I'll try to avoid this time.

3 ★

link andre   - Reply

Order Up 😺

link Daniel Cryer-Muthedath Ryder   - Reply

me every morning... espresso go burr

link Kelson   - Reply

Wow, her mornings are like mine.

link anatoliyn   - Reply

C'est vrai, tout le monde prend du cafe du matin

link anatoliyn   - Reply

PepCar café.

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