Ballpen point training

A recent photo of my sketchbook, still training with ballpoint pen directly, a cruel training. But I am beginning to get a better ability to imagine perspective grids without tracing them, and I can even begin to plan full-page compositions. It takes a while to build these new skills, but they are worth it.

License: "Ballpen point training" by David Revoy − CC-BY 4.0
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link Puniko :verifiedsabakan: :antifa:   - Reply this looks incredibly good tbh, especially considering this is with a ballpoint pen

link Senf - Die heisse Mustard   - Reply

Your sketches are awesome.

link deerbard   - Reply

Great drawings!
The high heels in mountainous terrain though hehehe

link GlOwl Octopus-Faenby   - Reply

@deerbard they must be enchanted with "you never stumble"

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@glowl @deerbard @sindarina Haha 😅, you are totally right about the high heels: it is definitely a bad choice I made while drawing, probably because my brain was already fried trying to resolve the pose, view angle and anatomy. I really have to pay more attention to that. Thanks for pointing it out!

(and enchanted high heels boots is actually a good idea for a joke on Pepper&Carrot about unpractical female RPG equipments. Thanks Glowl! I'll note it somewhere 😺)

6 ★

link GlOwl Octopus-Faenby   - Reply

@deerbard @sindarina glad to contribute fun ideas ^^

link 🌈☔🌦️🍄   - Reply

@glowl @deerbard @sindarina heh, like a cursed/blessed item of sorts that gives you a big bonus at a price.

+2 bluff, but -2 on dexterity.

link Sindarina, Edge Case Detective   - Reply

Nice work! 🙂

One small niggle; high heels? In a forest environment? 🤔😄

2 ★

link LPS   - Reply

wow, so cool to see these!

link N Toyohito (豊人)   - Reply

Traditional has a unique feeling doesn't it? 😃 You get more immersed into the things you're drawing 😊 At least that's me

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@ntoyohito 😺 Totally! I feel more 'real time' and absorbed by what I'm doing.
With digital, a part of my brain knows it's a zero risk game with all the possibility to edit and undo, and so I'm always tempted to watch something while drawing, and I pay less attention because the challenge is flat...
Also, all the generative AI things spoiled a bit my appreciation of digital painting (and that's bad) so being on the sketchbook become really my fav room in start 2024.

link N Toyohito (豊人)   - Reply

Next step traditional sketching tutorials for us noobs who find digital a pain to get used to :P

Glad to see you're enjoying it so much! :D
Gen-AI is a good tool but as expected it's been used so nastily that has ended up being an enraging thing really :/

link Sr. Estegosaurio 🦕   - Reply

Orange bics >>> Normal bics.

Cool drawing by the way. :)

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@SrEstegosaurio Oh yes, totally! The Crystal Fine tends to blot less over the drawing here than the regular Crystal, and feels also firm and more sharp.
I observed something, but I'm not sure if it is placebo yet; when my hand heat too much a pen, the ink become much more liquid and the fluidity and micro leaking happens more often. I'm experimenting right now with carrying a couple of similar pen in my bag to let them cool down. Maybe I'll find a ballpoint pen with a metal body.

link theCamelCaseBandit   - Reply

yay goblin!

link Corey Dutson   - Reply

holy shit these are fantastic. and these are TRAINING SKETCHES? Dang

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@cdutson Thanks! Yes, but to be fully honest, that's the best double page I have over the last 20 of practice. 😅

link Th3s3us   - Reply


Training with a ballpoint pen? OMG, It looks great, and it's extremely clean.

link Gersande La Flèche   - Reply

Beautiful work. Honestly! All in ballpoint too! Very well done.

link Olivier Saraja ☕️📚🦖🛸👻   - Reply

j’adore vraiment le style crayonné, et au Bic, c’est littéralement sublime. Bravo 😍

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@oliviersaraja Merci !

link William Canna-bass   - Reply

#IdkMan, this is cricket Amazing!

link EJJames   - Reply

love it! Ballpoint pen is underrated as a medium imho

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@EJJames Thanks! I really like how convenient it is: doesn't smudge, doesn't need to be sharpened, takes long to use ink. Oh, and super cheap and easy to find everywhere! That's what I prefer. For sure, it has many advantages compare to other art tools.

link Andrew   - Reply

Man, how are you able to get such light strokes with ball point?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@AblatedSprocket Thanks! I tilt it so only a fraction of the ballpoint scratch the paper. My paper also is not a super smooth one (Canson sketchbook, a little grain) so I guess it plays also to get 'ghost' lines sometimes.

link BLESS8🌸   - Reply

Pen sketches are really appealing to look at. 😲

link Yrdael   - Reply

I mostly draw directly with ballpoint pen but man, do you rock ! Incredible scenery.
I'm slowly getting back to drawing.

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