Sketchbook Ballpoint Pen Studies and Randomness

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↓ Sketchbook 1: Various witches, a weird dog, Ranma! and a little kid scribbled over my drawings in a corner and I mention it.

↓ Sketchbook 2: Various studies of wrinkles in clothes, white shirt without bra, shirt, hoodies, big hoodies. Use of colored pens cyan and pink. A steampunk girl with pink hair.

↓ Sketchbook 3: Several female body studies with bra and pants. One is crouched full page with a cigarette. A white corrector is visible. A strange face in the corner with cat ears.

↓ Sketchook 4: Various foot studies, a woman in a strange pose discovers a butterfly on her foot. Another sits on a chair next to a large foot with sunglasses. A thumbnail study in the corner for a 2024 illustration: too gothic.

↓ Sketchbook 5: Pleroma kicking a bat-Threads logo, a politician with a pineapple instead of a head saying 'vote for me', a saxophone player, various pen tests on the right page, with 'wet' test for the ink: brush, ink pen, gel pen, ballpoint pen. Most of the tests are bad scribbles with ink running out of control.

↓ Sketchbook 6: Top-down studies, various portraits, various furry animals (dog, cow, cockatiel), someone wearing futuristic glasses in a cold environment, some kind of mecha armor for a woman protecting a plant, a bear, a squirrel, a young woman, Clint Eastwood.

↓ Sketchbook 7: GNU/Linux fishing together, a guy at a conference, an attempt for Yennefer from the Witcher books with a landscape done with a leaky ballpen: a man on a horse is visible in the background. A cowboy girl drinking with a hyppo and an owl.

↓ Sketchbook 8: Various clothes, bra and top without bra studies. Two heads of stereotypical fantasy orcs.