License: "Happy Holidays 2023!" by David Revoy, with mascot of Mastodon, Pleroma-tan of Pleroma,, Ai of Misskey, Lemmy Sepia of, sloth mascot by Anna Abramek for go − CC-BY-SA 4.0
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link Erik Uden 🦣🍑:coffefied:   - Reply

oh... my... God... How ADORABLE :blobcatmeltlove: :blobcat_santamelt:

link rick   - Reply

@ErikUden yeah it really is :blobcatmelt:

link Everyday.Human Derek   - Reply

That is simply adorably good. Oh silent Sunday. Whoops… 😬 ok well I boosted it anyhow. Silent means no talking…or no communication?

link squareScarletCougar 🐱   - Reply

Happy Holidays 🎄

link wlf_warren   - Reply

Same to you and yours

🖼️ a2344c1a3158b119.jpg 

link Bartek Jasicki   - Reply

Happy Holidays to you and everyone. 😄

link vrsimility   - Reply

looks like they're having fun and I hope you do too!

link crossgolf_rebel 🤍 on Calckey :calckey:   - Reply you too, and thanks for your pictures 🥰

link Stemy   - Reply

On dirait une contrefaçon de l'atomium. 😄

link funnzl :verified_coffee:   - Reply

wait this isn't a reference to the Atomium?! 😳

link Pieselpriemel   - Reply

@funnzl No, it's a reference to the Fediverse symbol. :fediverse:

link Danny   - Reply

Merry Christmas🎄🎅!

link івась тарасик   - Reply

one of the mascots has invited #ktulhu to the party, there should be a huge shadow over the gathering…

link quangobaud   - Reply

( #Cthulu )

link івась тарасик   - Reply

@miguelpergamon thanks, sorry, i knew there was no hope for me :-D

link k8quinn   - Reply

To you and yours as well!

link Ossi   - Reply


link Shonin   - Reply

Quite well done

link Paladin :verified: :ak:   - Reply


link Quinn9282✌️👋   - Reply

:ablobcatheartsqueeze: Cutest thing I've seen all year!! Merry Christmas!! ❤️ 🎄

link Blort™ 🐀Ⓥ🥷☣️   - Reply

I recognize the Lemmy, Peertube and Mastodonmascots, but who are the people on the left and the sloth?

link McSinyx   - Reply

mentioned them in the alt and hover text, @Blort, they are mascots of Pleroma, Misskey and GoToSocial.

link Blort™ 🐀Ⓥ🥷☣️   - Reply


Ah, thank you! The alt-text-being-useful-to-fully-vision-abled-people-if-only-they-bothered-to-look meme strikes again!🤦‍♂️

link McSinyx   - Reply

To be precise, @Blort, the alt text is never meant to be accessed if the media can be view; the title text on the other hand is customary for some web comics, also known as hover text.

Most fedi implementations use the user-input description for both, which is IMHO semantically wrong. The alt text, as the name suggests, an alternative representation, and the title text is supposed to provide extra information. Moreover the alt text should be a short description, not a detailed transcription because it’s one single element. The habit of jamming everything there (most of which should have been in the body text) seems to stemmed from the tiny character limit of Mastodon. Cc:

link poster   - Reply

@Blort isn't sloth from gotosocial?

link Robert :opensuse: :kde:   - Reply

that is such a wonderfully beautiful piece. I totally adore your artwork. You truly have a gift.

link Andy Piper   - Reply

gorgeous artwork! Happy holidays to you!

link Hippo 🍉   - Reply

this is cool! I like the fedi-tree 🎄

link Ian Forrester | @cubicgarden   - Reply


link Kayedu X   - Reply

So cuuuute

link Le Gaume   - Reply

joyeux Noël et merci pour ce superbe dessin

link Ray Of Sunlight   - Reply

looks pretty, i wish i was happier though

link Volker Knest   - Reply

i Love it

link Carlos Solís   - Reply About the only one missing was Firefish from its fish tank

link Stuart Crabtree   - Reply

and a happy new year to everybody joining from facebook etc

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