Framasoft 2023 Campaign

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πŸ’œ Framasoft does so many things in sync with my values that I'm always so proud when I do illustrations for them.

Check out their campaign page to end 2023 (and support them if you can); it's presented as a 2D character selection of a fighter video game and it was really fun to draw all the characters and monsters:

Sources files here

License: "Framasoft 2023 Campaign" by David Revoy βˆ’ CC-BY 4.0
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link zabbeer 🌱   - Reply

Your illustrations really humanise and give so much character to these open technologies and networks.

Open source projects have been missing this touch for a long time, and it makes me happy to see that the Fediverse has so many vibrant and unique mascots and illustrations these days.

Thanks, David.

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link Yann BΓΌchau :nixos:   - Reply

Donated to @Framasoft βœ… Thanks for your awesome illustrations, they really help giving the projects faces 😊

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link Booteille   - Reply


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link Le piaf   - Reply


link Ness   - Reply

Great art for a great cause. Awesome! I love the framing as a fighting game. πŸ‘Ύ


link Helkriz   - Reply

But these days the villains GAFAM are getting stronger. People are not concerned about privacy or security. But that is not a bigger concern for me. I'm worried about the people who are getting utilized by these corporates and they are letting them do so for the convenience of being on the internet and for the payout they get for the posts.
People are still not aware of the real danger that will bite us in future. Anyway happy to see the mascots fight for us.


link jfml - Jonas Laugs   - Reply

Love this so much! The one in the middle is the Peertube mascot, right? Who are the two others (fox? and duck)?

link David Revoy Author, - Reply

@jfml Thanks! It's mobilizon 'Rose', , and the duck is the mascot of the campaign itself " Collectivise the Internet / Convivialise the Internet" ( short Coin-Coin, the sounds of a duck πŸ˜† )


link jfml - Jonas Laugs   - Reply

Ah, interesting, thanks for the answer! I think it's amazing that there are so many mascots, I just learned today that the logo / mascot of sudo (yes, the Linux command) is (for some reason) a sandwich:


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