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Alice in Wonderland

Published the 21 july 2010 in Illustrations with tags : Gimp, Mypaint, award, contest, shop, cc-by-nd-nc

artwork by David Revoy
alice closeup 01 alice closeup 02 alice apps alice bonus

Detailed making of published on CGtalk :

Complete WIP (in french) is here on the forum of

28 july 2010 : Note about the 'CG choice Award' : 

I received for this illustration the CG Choice Award by the website In my opinion , the CG choice Award is the biggest, more valuable and more difficult prize to obtain in digital painting or illustration. It's a kind of achievement to receive it after submitting regularly my work on it since 2005 , and I'm really honoured to now being displayed on the Choice Gallery at CGTalk.

And I have another reason to feel honoured ; I'm the first awarded with using only Open-source on Linux... This openness and recognition from the professional world of digital painting is really valuable for my work with Free/Libre Open Sources Softwares on Linux.

Thousand thanks CGsociety !

Prints, posters or cards of this artwork available here:

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wednesday 21 july 2010, 18:29

This is great work David. Love it.

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wednesday 21 july 2010, 20:08

Excellent work. The style and colors remind me of the original Sam & Max series by LucasArts. I love the amount of details.

Where/how did you come up with the grids seen in the bonus (Alchemy plugin perhaps?)?

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3. Ecksell

thursday 22 july 2010, 08:34

Wouah !
Je suis toujours aussi fan de tes réalisations.
Et merci pour le partage de tes techniques via tes WIP, vidéos et tutos :)
Bonne chance pour le concours...

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thursday 22 july 2010, 15:43

Good job David !

Great looking !

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5. p33p

thursday 29 july 2010, 18:40

CONGRATULATIONS! You are more than deserving of this award.

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thursday 29 july 2010, 20:59

Absolutely fantastic piece! Well deserved CG Award!

Fantastic DVD as well, so many valuable tips. It's truly inspiring watching all the WIP videos also!

I too am curious about the grids. The WIP thread mentions the grids are done in blender. Were they just rendered out in blender then overlayed on the Alchemy piece in Gimp?
friday 30 july 2010, 00:34

Many thanks for the feedbacks ! I'm really happy for the Award.

For Juho and Tim about the grid ; it's a blender grid rendered with a wireframe material and a node to fisheye the result.

But you can do it more simply with Gimp and the filter ( Grid / Inflate I guess ) . I did it with Blender cause I was experimenting. When the grid was done, I cutted and paste some element in Gimp using layer over the Alchemy drawing.

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8. Thread

friday 30 july 2010, 10:56

Magnifique illustration !!
J'en profite aussi pour te dire un grand MERCI pour tous ces tutos, WIP,et autres que tu nous offres.
Et un autre MERCI pour m'avoir fait découvrir Alchemy ;)

Félicitations et cette récompense tu l'as largement méritée.
Bonne continuation !

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9. lorembolo

friday 30 july 2010, 14:23

Well done David. You deserve the award.

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10. sandy

saturday 31 july 2010, 21:55

Comment dire ? Magnifique, magique, splendide....

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monday 02 august 2010, 09:35

well, that looks finished :D , GREAT!!

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sunday 03 october 2010, 17:02

Great award :)
thursday 21 october 2010, 13:41

@All :
Thanks ;)

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14. Prashant

friday 08 july 2011, 16:05

cool award for cool job congrats

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15. Marie, Guadeloupe

tuesday 10 july 2012, 04:30

Hi, Im so glad I found your site. Excellent art .
Good job David !

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16. Star

monday 05 january 2015, 07:01

I just like this artwork.I will bookmark your blog and take a look at again right here frequently. Good luck for the following!

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