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I forgot to write here about a major resources lastly released on internet for FLOSS digital painters : GPS 1.5. Maybe I was too much 'in my DVD production' to write about : but here is an attempt to repare this. 

GPS 1.5 ( for Gimp Paint Studio ) is a collection of pre-made settings and users preferences to run with Gimp 2.6x series ( not yet adapted for the 2.7 + series ). The pack include a default user interface panels positions , brushs, gradient, textures, palettes, and the most important ; a lot of incredible presets for all tools.

The version 1.5 was specially made to bring the best update of the GPS , but also a merging my "Chaos&Evolutions 2" brush kit. ( the 2nd version never had a release alone, only in GPS 1.5 )

The presets are incredibly good, and the main author Ramon Miranda really demonstrate with success his knowledge of doing good and strong presets for digital painters. ( Congratz again ! And thanks for the help and effort into merging Chaos&Evolution brush kit ) . So now , digital painters with Gimp-painter don't have to choose anymore between GPS and C&E :) Btw, I use GPS till the beta version, released months ago , ( and so , in my DVD Blend&Paint ) .

gps15 gimp painter 03 A screenshot, with a arrow to show the loading preset button in the tool-option panel ( beautifull list )

gps15 gimp painter 01 Another screen to show the variety and the richness of the brushs

gps15 gimp painter 02 And a last test sheet , to show how incredible are 6 picked presets of the Gimp-painter mixbrush tools . With mixing + texture , it's actually the most advanced digital painting FLOSS tool :

website :

Instalation on Windows explained here :

Instalation for Linux users : you can paste simply this line by line in a terminal , the command start with a copy of your existing preset and gimp configuration , because it still important to keep the possibility to revert later.

mv ~/.gimp-2.6 ~/.gimp-2.6-backup
unzip GPS\ 1_5_final\ -d ~/.gimp-2.6
rm GPS\ 1_5_final\


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1. RamonMiranda saturday 07 may 2011, 16:51

Hi man, nice to see you are more available for other projects like GPS. first, thanks for the post, which is good for people who wants to start painting with free libre open license software.

I was watching the links and the is a great resources place. thanks for the link.

2. REVOY David sunday 08 may 2011, 02:17

Hi Ramon,
Many thanks again for all your work around GPS , you are really the 'brush setting master' ; and no doubt about it. I really hope to see an equivalent of GPS for Krita in a future, as well as future GPS for Gimp 2.8+ .

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3. Emile31 sunday 08 may 2011, 12:35

Hello David, tanks for the update on gps. As I know you are à unlimited source of knowledge about opensource softs i wondered id you knew something about an eventual script or plugin to change brushes size on the fly in Gimp with à drag and clic shortcut like in corel painter or photoshop.
Many thanks again for tour efforts and i hope i will receive Blend and paint soon :)

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4. Steven Powers (SMP) sunday 08 may 2011, 14:53

David or Ramond,

First off, thanks for your effort. Both of you do a lot of work on GIMP over the years and I personally do appreciate it.

Secondly, How do you manage your brushes in GIMP. Other than having GIMP load in a single window, the biggest issue I have is organizing my brushes.

Thanks again,

5. REVOY David sunday 08 may 2011, 22:28

@Steven: thx :) for organizing, I try to clean and name them to make my brush sorting in a logic way ; for the preset, I edit the text files and do copy paste for sorting the data text block in the right order . Btw , organisation and management of ressources in Gimp 2.6 is a known isssue ; I'm happy next Gimp already include the precious feature 'tagging ressources'.

6. REVOY David sunday 08 may 2011, 22:35

@Emile31: Thanks ! for your research , unfortunately; I don't know a plugin or a script doing it. Here I use this :

Go to the keyboard shortcut windows, (Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts) , and in the search field enter this : 'Brush Scale'
Attribute 2 shortcuts for the 'Decrease Brush Scale' and 'Increase Brush Scale' ; here I use 2 punctuations key on my french azerty keyboard ' : and ; '. They are 2 key side by side easy to find next my space bar.

And for the DVD ; it's on way , I get news at the Blender Inst. it was packed and posted 2 days ago ! I already updated the official support page with first Eratum : … lend-paint

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7. Steven Powers (SMP) sunday 08 may 2011, 23:37


I have played with 2.7 and it definitely going the right direction but going between 2.6, 2.7 and PS CS5 is somewhat daunting. I guess I am just waiting for 2.8 to be released and so many. It is good to see the effort that is going into it.

Thanks again for the reply,

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8. Ramon Miranda monday 09 may 2011, 12:17

[quote]Hi Ramon,
Many thanks again for all your work around GPS , you are really the 'brush setting master' ; and no doubt about it. I really hope to see an equivalent of GPS for Krita in a future, as well as future GPS for Gimp 2.8+ .[/quote]

Really apreciated coming from a talented artist like you.We can start to work in the update when 2.8 will be out, for the moment i am painting and painting which is what i love to do. but we could start to email us with new ideas about GPS. what do you think? i know there is lot of things that could be improved or enlarged.

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9. Emile31 monday 09 may 2011, 12:26

Good news!
Well thank you for the answer, I think I will change my < and > shortcut for , ; as you said they are easier to access from left hand which is on space-bar most of the time, and since Mypaint uses , ; too it must be less confusing while switching between Gimp and Mypaint.

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10. Touffe saturday 14 may 2011, 20:29

GPS looks very interesting. Unfortunately, I have troubles using it with my wacom Intuos 4 L. The drawing works one time out of two, and it's very difficult to draw like this.

Désolé pour mon anglais si c'est bourré de fautes. Le tracé ne fonctionne qu'une fois sur deux, et l'autre fois le curseur reste bloqué. Pour dessiner, il faut toujours compter un coup pour rien sur deux et c'est très pénible. J'ai désinstallé GPS et c'est rentré dans l'ordre.
Merci pour tous tes conseils, Deevad en tout cas. C'est vraiment précieux ;o)

11. REVOY David saturday 14 may 2011, 21:58

@Touffe : Merci ! Je n'ai jamais été au courant de ce ralentissement, mais ça doit être pénible. J'ai eu des crash avec GPS et certaines brosses moi dernièrement. Je me demande si le trop plein de preset ne plombe pas un peu Gimp. A voir ; si jamais je trouve un relation de cause à effet ; j'en parlerai sur ce blog.

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12. Giovanny Arce monday 16 may 2011, 02:15

Thanks a lot, you both are amazing, thanks David Revoy and Ramon Miranda for such tools, you guys make Gimp go beyond evolution XD . Cheers!

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13. yoann wednesday 25 may 2011, 13:02

Thank you so much ramon and deevad for the great work in the community.
I wondered if there was a possibility to tidy the brushes like in mypaint. It is way more handy to get a nice icon of the tool ! Hope that it will be soon possible =)

14. REVOY David wednesday 25 may 2011, 14:24

@yoann : Thx ! For the moment no preview icons are decided on the Gimp side for presets ( but I have not a lot of infos in this direction ).
Btw, Krita has a good preset dockers and cool brush(es) engine(s) with preview as in Mypaint. :)

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15. kot-barbos tuesday 31 may 2011, 14:31

Hello, everyone. I need help (sorry for my english). I can't set a keyboard shortcut for the opacity and more dark/light (that said in C&E video tutorial). I even add some lines in ".gimp-2.6/menurc"
gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/tools/tools-paint-brush-opacity-decrease" "KP_4")
(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/tools/tools-paint-brush-opacity-increase" "KP_5"
but it doesn't work :(
Thanks a lot for help.

16. David REVOY wednesday 01 june 2011, 15:49

@kot-barbos : Hey :) You can find all the solution here :
A very complete article about how to configure Gimp for painting. Sorry to didn't include this step on the DVD btw. Hope you will like it.

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17. kot-barbos thursday 02 june 2011, 07:44

Hello, David. That link is wery helpful. Thanks a lot for help again.

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18. Steven Powers (SMP) sunday 05 june 2011, 23:02


It may be a stupid question, but where specifically is the "mixbrush tools"? I looked under brushes and tools among others and didn't locate them.

Thanks again,

19. David REVOY monday 06 june 2011, 00:39

@Steven Powers (SMP) : If you don't see it I doubt you have Gimp-painter installed , or maybe a fresher Gimp 'classic' from a ppa or deposit overwriten your Gimp-painter installation ( it happen, here in Synaptic I had to 'force version' of Gimp-painter to refuse the Gimp normal updates ) . To see if it's Gimp-painter or Gimp, the classic thing is to go to Help > About ; if it's Gimp-painter, it should be written at this place.
If it's Gimp-painter, the tool can be unhide/hide in the toolbar setting , in the menu 'Windows > Dockable Dialog > Tools' , a list system of visible ( with a eye icon ) tools is here. Be sure to have mixbrush visible. Hope this will help ! ;)

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20. Steven Powers (SMP) monday 06 june 2011, 17:44

Thanks. That is exactly what I was doing. I had GIMP and not Gimp Painter installed. But I have rectified it and updated or graded it with GPS files. I will have to give it more attention and see what I can and cannot do with Gimp-Painter. I like the feel of it being very similar to PS, but I will have to spend time on it ...something that is always in short supply of.

Thanks again,

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21. Steven Powers (SMP) thursday 16 june 2011, 19:13


I saw your comments on Deviantarts in regards to patching GIMP with gimp-painter. This is what worked for me on Ubuntu 11.04 Thank you for your command lines.

"This was done on Ubuntu 11.04:
1-make sure GIMP is not installed
2- Open up a Terminal Window and copy and paste the following.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mizuno-as/ppa && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp
wget http://gps-gimp-paint-studio.googlecode …
unzip GPS\ 1_5_final\ -d ~/.gimp-2.6
rm GPS\ 1_5_final\

3-The got to the Ubuntu Software Center (Application Ubuntu Software Center) and install Gimp.

4-Verify that Gimp as been patched with Gimp-Painter by running GIMP and going to "Help>About" and seeing that under the GIMP title states gimp-painter."

22. David REVOY friday 17 june 2011, 08:35

@Steven Powers (SMP) : Oh cool if one of my post out-there helped you to install it correctly. Thanks to paste it here too as you did Steven.

I also suggest to Gimp-painter lover to be carrefull with upgrade of the system ; sometimes a Gimp version can overide the version of Gimp-painter ; so it's important to keep an eyes and stop the updates from libgimp / gimp-data and gimp . I used to 'force' version into Synaptic :)

Thanks again to the Mizuno ppa ; a real help in this world.

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23. kot-barbos tuesday 21 june 2011, 16:47

I always just copy content folder GPS to /home/kot-barbos/.gimp-2.6 and it works - i have presets and brushes. It is easy and simple. If i use that way, did i lose some features? (help->about says, that I use ordinary Gimp)

24. David REVOY wednesday 22 june 2011, 00:26

@kot-barbos : Your path is good ( here I used ~/.gimp-2.6 witch is same as /home/username/.gimp-2.6 ). If your Gimp is a 'normal' gimp ( especially if it's a 2.6 series ) you will miss the mixbrush tool, the G-pen, and flow option on all the other tools. GPS provide also presets for the 2 new tools of Gimp-painter : Mixbrush and Gpen.

to install only Gimp-painter 2.6.10 :
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mizuno-as/ppa && sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

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25. kot-barbos thursday 23 june 2011, 07:17

Oh my...Now I understand the difference between all of them.

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26. Greg saturday 08 october 2011, 11:51

Salut David,

do you have those brushes for photoshop too? Or is there a way to open them or convert them?

27. David REVOY saturday 08 october 2011, 21:52

@Greg : I guess each brush ( *.gbr and *.gih ) can be open with Gimp as picture , then saved as png or psd , to be reopened as Photoshop image file in the target to create a *.abr bitmap brush mask. But the process seams a bit complicated to convert a full set. And I don't know any *.gbr or *.abr ...

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28. Gilbert friday 29 june 2012, 07:52

Thanks for this article, now I know that there's Gimp Paint. I am learning to make digital painting but I use Gimp 2.7 program, here's my blog for my paintings, I am a beginner so your comments and suggestions will highly welcome.

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29. Gilbert friday 29 june 2012, 07:54 (not paints)

30. David REVOY friday 29 june 2012, 12:31

@Gilbert : Hey Gilbert, thx for sharing your URL . Sure you are a beginner and we all started like that. So, it's hard to give a specific advice ; may be keep painting , have fun doing it, and share your work on forum of digital painting ( Cghub , Cgtalk , etc... ) to get feedback from other who learn.
Also, on the tutorial part of my website, you 'll find many videos to study with Gimp ( even if it's old version ).

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31. Miza wednesday 04 july 2012, 18:08

When will this be updated for Gimp 2.8? Really want to try it out :/

32. David REVOY wednesday 04 july 2012, 19:34

@Miza : Hey Miza, Ramon , main maintainer of G.P.S just emailed me his last pack yesterday about it. I think it will reach soon the GPS website.

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