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Note : This page is an update ( old version : 25 december 2009 ).
* License changed from CC-By to CC-0 ( Public Domain )
* General update of the page and files

Download :

Download the compressed 2 *.gpl files  : davidrevoy-palettes-v2.tar.gz ( 10KB )

Install :

Extract the archive, the two *.gpl files are compatible with Gimp , Mypaint post 1.1 and Krita

Infos :

Classic kit  ( by default in Mypaint 1.1 ) : The aim of this kit is to mimic color range met in traditionnal art ( exept for the last raw  : digital RGB + CMYK pure colors.

 All color kit  ( by default in Mypaint 1.1, Krita, GPS ) : The "All color kit" is a kit for having a wide range of colors. The kit mimic on the top  a traditionnal Photoshop palette ; some user are really used too, it's became a classic. On bottom there is large gradients from white colored passing at middle to the pure color and finishing to the black colored tone, large gradient from a pure color to another one ( ex ; pure digital red / to yellow ), at the end various skin tones.

License :

The distribution and the files are under the CC-0 , public domain

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1. Jolan monday 28 december 2009, 04:26

Great !!!
Really Usefull

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2. Nathan tuesday 29 december 2009, 15:19

Thanx a million... always have had trouble with a proper pallette!

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3. moalex friday 08 january 2010, 20:06

Thank you, mister Revoy ^^
This will be a lot helpful, for sure.

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4. Sévérino sunday 10 january 2010, 12:37

Bonne Année et mes Meilleurs Voeux pour 2010 ! Un santé de Fer et des couleurs à profusion !

Merci BEAUCOUP pour le Cadeau, je vais tenter d'installer tout cela sous gimp et mypaint 0.71 (cela doit être pareil sous la version 0.8 qui n'est pas encore sortie...)

Grâce à DURIAN j'ai découvert ton art, GPS et mypaint !! MERCI ! MERCI !!

A bientôt,
ps : Je pensais que tu allais continuer le projet DURIAN jusqu'au bout... snif...

5. David Revoy monday 11 january 2010, 09:04

Hey Thanks a lot for the comments !
@moalex: ;-)
@Sévérino: Avec plaisir et merci pour tes voeux, pour Durian je devrais me remettre à travailler dessus en février, mais pas à plein temps.

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6. C Stockton friday 15 january 2010, 20:55

Thank you, I'm just getting started in Gimp, and GPS. This will be useful.

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7. Cat thursday 21 january 2010, 13:33

Merci, je viens juste de l'installer dans mes Gimp palettes ^_^

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8. ag friday 05 february 2010, 16:57

Just wanted to mention, that users of Arch Linux can get now this pre-installed when using gimp-studio package (http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=31849)

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9. William saturday 20 march 2010, 00:21

thanx for the paletes.. they are SUPER!

I do not see how to load them up for MyPaint.. it is not easy, version 0.8.0


10. David Revoy saturday 20 march 2010, 10:56

Thanks all !

@Ag : I included your link in my DVD Chaos&Evolutions for ArchLinux users. Thanks !

@William : Palettes for Mypaint were for the Iportnov branch developement ( 0.7 ) . Maybe the palette will re-appear in the 0.9 series. If you install your version from Giterious source code, you can switch to the Iportnov branch and use his version with palette.

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11. eukleyv monday 01 november 2010, 20:48

Hi, I'm working with Windows Vista and my MyPaint hasn't a "Load Pallete" submenu :(

Is there any other way to install it?

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12. tayete monday 14 march 2011, 14:47

Hi, I love your work (and your goodies too!). Just a question: is there a way to load your colour palette in the new version of MyPaint?
Thanks a lot!

13. REVOY David monday 14 march 2011, 18:35

Hi Tayete :
Thanks for the comments ; unfortunately, the feature 'palette' for Mypaint is still not at the horizon of 0.9.2 or 1.0 ...

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14. AS sunday 24 april 2011, 15:25

I'm using GIMP 2.6, and i just downloaded your palettes, but I can't seem to figure out how to have them appear with the program. I followed the instructions and put them in the proper folder. Any advice?

15. REVOY David sunday 24 april 2011, 16:12

@AS : If the *.gpl palette files is well pasted into (your-user-name)/.gimp-2.6/palettes/ , you should saw it in Gimp.
Try when open Gimp , try in the menu bar to go to Windows>Dockable Panel > Palettes ; and in the palette panel, go to the top : the name is "1-All color for good choice". You can double click on it to use it.

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16. kot-barbos friday 04 january 2013, 19:53

Another good stuff from Deevad! ;)

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17. Silvio Grosso friday 04 january 2013, 20:48

Hi David,

Thanks a lot indeed for your last contribution: luckily for us, you never quit! :D

Just in case someone is interested, I have read there is a new feature in the "upcoming" stable Gimp 2.10 release (to be released somewhere at the end of 2013...) which concerns the palette tool as well.

Here it is.

Here is the first YouTube video concerning this new feature (there are 4 of them):

Happy new year 2013 to everyone

Silvio Grosso

18. David REVOY saturday 05 january 2013, 04:35

@Silvio Grosso : Thanks for the link Silvio ( and Happy New Year ! ) ; I ignored those improvements. They feel really advanced. Good because I wouldn't mind to use Gimp as a palette editor now Mypaint and Krita are compatible with the palette files. I actually do it. Thanks again, good info.

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19. Ralf Schoofs saturday 05 january 2013, 17:09

Happy New Year and thank You very much for the palettes. I appreciate Your work!:D

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