Cintiq or Intuos? ...or both? The tablets I use.

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I'm showing my usage of two different tablets to answer the classic "What tablet are you using?". I also do that because I'm tired about the numbered videos "Intuos VS Cintiq" as if you had to choose one clan over the other... Both have pros and cons and with a sane operating system (like my Kubuntu Linux 20.04) you can unplug one on the fly and use the other without too much magnetic noises and a get plug'n'play experience. It really helps, I don't even need to restart Krita. For more information about my tablets, read this blog post where I detail all the one I owned over the last 20 years:

The artwork here is a commissioned artwork for Framasoft ( and more precisely for CHATONS ( a collectivity of neutral and ethical host of decentralised services (the acronym in french CHATONS mean kittens). That's why the theme of this illustration is cats doing engineering on the top of a cloud. Sorry I had to shorten it in the video to "cat and cloud" or the intro would be very long and it wasn't the topic of the video anyway... Maybe for a later video!

Subtitle available.


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:42 About the Cintiq 13HD, and Cintiqs in general.
  • 02:30 Timelapse with Cintiq (inking).
  • 02:38 About the Intuos4 XL and traditional tablets.
  • 04:20 Timelapse with Intuos (coloring).
  • 05:36 End/Credits


Video and artworks by David Revoy

Special thanks to the Framasoft team for their ideas and feedback!

Intro: Fabian Measures - Hanami (CC-By)
Timelapse: Kevin MacLeod - Perspective (CC-By)

Edited with Kdenlive 20.12 on Kubuntu Linux 20.04

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link Michael   - Reply

Nice! He looks a bit like carrot ;)

By the way - this isn't exactly relevant to this post, but I wasn't sure where to write this - there used to be a lot of sketches on the Pepper & Carrot website, of whole pages from earlier episodes. It seems there is now a new page, called "Sketchbook: Studies and sketches" (, but most of the old sketches aren't there. Where can they be found now?

I used to use them all the time when I practiced drawing, they were greatly helpful for me. It'd be really sad if they weren't accessible anymore...

link Cihirllu   - Reply

Mh I have a question to the link too. What's the blue pencil used for the non-digital sketches? Is this a col-erase? I see this color type often but all my blue pencils does not look like this. I like the color.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Hey, in this video; everything is digital (the sketch is just a layer where I remove a color channel to get this blue).
When I use non digital I use now the Non-Photo Blue pencil 'SKETCHER' by Caran d'Arche. It's a bit turquoise colored to my taste, but bright and soft (without being too waxy for inking on top).
I like the FaberCastell color pencil where I can choose the blue hue myself: PHTHALOBLAU HELL, LIGHT PHTHALO BLUE 9201-145** , this one has my favorite texture for sketching and has the best hue for removal on scanner (according to my tests). But it is waxy for inking; only use it if you 'ink' with 2B pencil as I do :-)
I also tried the leads(lids?) of Staedler and Pentel: Staedler leads breaks too easy and go too dark; Pencil are ok and great/precise for any task.
So, the Pentel blue non-photo leads (to detail hands/faces) + the FaberCastle colored pencil (for large stroke/gesture) is my best mix so far.
I hope it will help.

link David REVOY Author, - Reply

Ha right; I refactored/archived/fusioned them last summer when I made the Art Book. My plan was to merge this work-in-progress of the pencil page in a future feature "WIP" button side of the webcomic (a wish I had to be able to see the episode at a previous step). But I couldn't find the time to make it. I'll try to make it this year! Sorry for moving things around.

link Michael   - Reply

I see, thanks for answering.

So for the time being, they are inaccessible? Good thing I saved a few haha

link Taynara Silva   - Reply

Eu conheci o seu trabalho nos últimos dias e devo admitir que estou encantada. Sua forma artística é linda. Parabéns! Saudações do Brasil.

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