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Hey, I published a fun Cat avatar Generator. Enter your name, and get a cat!
You can play with it here:

It's the same code that builds the avatars on the blog now,
[update] Git source code is available
if you want to get more information about why I did it,
read my article My fight against CDN library,
a full chapter is about this generator.

( attribution: Thanks to Andreas Gohr's MonsterID code! )

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License: CC-BY David Revoy,, .

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  MCMic - Reply

Great work :-)
(Way better than the usually used random avatar monsters we see around)

  Layus - Reply

We love the cat generator here at home ! I have already adopted 583f13c94f5f5 :-).

  583f7b02633e4 - Reply

Cool! I found one I really like through random generating (583f7b02633e4), but now I can't find a name that will give me that one!

  David Revoy - Reply

Cute writer one! What name would you like? :)

  583f7b02633e4 - Reply

Hmm... I'm not sure... what names are there that already give that catvatar?

  David Revoy - Reply

I can link 583f7b02633e4 to the nickname you want :-)

  583f7b02633e4 - Reply

I'm not good at coming up with nicknames. :/
How about "Misty Tales"?

(Incidentally, the capcha I just got said 'k1ty', almost like 'kitty'!)

  David Revoy - Reply

Ok for Misty Tales. It should work now :)

(ps: oh oh, nice for the capcha! :3 )

  Misty Tales - Reply


  Misty Tales - Reply

Hmm... didn't work. :(

  583f7b02633e4 - Reply

Maybe I need to choose a name without a space in it?

  David Revoy - Reply

Ha, my fault! Sorry, now it's working, with and without space. :)

  Misty Tales - Reply

Test two, thank you!

  Yalyn - Reply

This is tes--I-meant-to-say-I'm-a-cat-now! :3

  Bonaventura Aditya Perdana - Reply

I'm cat~ :3

  F3 - Reply

Oh, there are multiple easter eggs in generator, by the looks of it. Nice work by the way!

  pop - Reply

I might have peeked at the source to satisfy my curiousity.

  David Revoy - Reply

Haha :D Now I know the words you tried to type in the generator xD

  Yi Jing - Reply

Hi David. Thanks for the Cat avatar generator! I really like mine. The markings on its blue fur look like Oriental brush strokes. And I like the typewriter and monocle -- they reinforce the cat's image as a curious, investigative writer and editor!

By the way, this is my Chinese name. My English name produced a different cat avatar. It's exactly like your Carrot avatar, David, except that mine has a blue scarf wrapped around its neck so its mouth is covered haha.

I really appreciate your fight to prevent Google from exploiting your readers' data and privacy and the sacrifice it entailed. Thanks a lot for that. Hope you have fun during the holidays!

  David Revoy - Reply

Thank you Yi Jing!

  pop - Reply

I'm hoping at some point that there are easter eggs for Truffel and maybe even the correct cat-colors for Yuzu and Mango.

Also hoping for "Pepper" to have a big floppy hat and a mini-broom.

Wanted to suggest that when checking for string equality for easter eggs that you make the check case-insensitive.

Might also be worth parsing some of the bad word lists freely available on Github for the obscenity detection. Not sure if its worth extending to sub-strings (which causes you to run into the Scunthorpe problem) or common substitutions.

  David Revoy - Reply

Hey pop; if you are motivated by continuing the project, feel free to clone/git it, and add the features, more easter eggs, etc... I'll be happy to keep hosting it. Here I need to focus now on episode 20 of Pepper&Carrot. If I start to tweak more this code, I'll spend month in it. ;-)

  Willem - Reply

Wow! This is great; much better than those boring default images, and it is free!

Thanks a lot!

  58472828c45f3 - Reply

It's nice that you care about privacy. And I'm happy something so awesome came out of it :>

  frenchyParagon - Reply

I like "cat", But i'm sad "Tux" and "Kiki" aren't easter eggs ;P

  libre fan - Reply

Quelle bonne idée, ces catavars :-)

Merci David

  Europrimus - Reply

Aurélien Gâteau à créer un générateur d'avatar pour android (
Pour les libristes, il est disponible via f-droid (

  Abner - Reply

Just wonder if anyone has created a WP plugin for it?

  Eibriel - Reply

David, congratulations for your switch to more privacy friendly options.

I did a Telegram Bot to generate avatars taking advantage of your "API":

I've added the link to this page, so it should drive some traffic here.

  Eibriel - Reply

Your Avatar Generator is a success (at a modest scale) in Telegram, the Bot had around 1800 requests so far and 4 (over 5) stars on the store bot :D

  David Revoy - Reply

Thank you for the news! Good to hear users likes it.

Note: I also made a new version, a bit more 'cold' and not funny, for my other blog on :

  Abner - Reply

I just created a WP avatars plugin to display those cute cats.

It passes the test on my machine, but I know it's buggy. I appreciate if anyone could run it and leave feedback about any issues.

  David Revoy - Reply

Thanks for sharing it !

  Red hat - Reply

This is a test.

  David Revoy - Reply

Ha, I forgot to add the easter egg on the side of the website :-)

  Jerry Wham - Reply

Et moi, en bon franchouillard, pour Pluxml (5.5 et 5.6) ^_^

  Jerry Wham - Reply

Je voulais répondre à Abner...
Attention David, si tu utilises ma version, tu risque de ne pas avoir les mêmes avatars que ceux générés par ton script.
Avec mon plugin, la différence avec le tien, c'est que les images sont en base64. Le chargement est donc théoriquement un peu plus rapide.

  David Revoy - Reply

Ha oui, le Js de Pluxml deconne pour faire des 'reply' ; Jamais réussi à savoir pourquoi; ça le fait sur et

Merci Jerry Wham pour la version PluXml ( et toutes les contrib Pluxml ; je lis activement le forum ) et merci pour les améliorations!
J'ai aussi un autre thème d'avatar ; plus classique :

  jerry wham - Reply

Pour changer l'apparence des avatars, il suffit de changer les images du dossier avatars...

  Hope I get a cool cat - Reply

hmmm, my cat is dope!

  Anon - Reply

This is so cool. I LOVE orange cats, so I wish it generated more of them. lol

  Anon - Reply

In using the generator, I've noticed that it generates more brown, tan and gray cats, than any other color. Is there a way to make it generate more of the other colors? That would be awesome. :)

  rc183 - Reply

  Give me cat - Reply

hello cat

  binsslugs - Reply

Hej jestem z Polski. Hi i am from Poland. binsger

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