Time-lapse of a full digital painting illustration with Mypaint / Alchemy and Gimp on Linux. ( only free and open-source application compatible with other system too ; ex : Windows ).

It was recorded in august 2009 as a technology demo for the 2D open source industry, done with Blender Video sequence editor as well as VLC/Mencoder and (gtk)Recordmydesktop.

Information and link about the softwares :

Alchemy : http://al.chemy.org/download/
Mypaint : http://mypaint.intilinux.com/?page_id=6
Gimp : http://gimp.org/downloads/ >
gimp-for-painter : http://fr.sourceforge.jp/projects/gimp-painter/releases/?package_id=6799 >
Gimp Paint Studio : http://code.google.com/p/gps-gimp-paint-studio/downloads/list
Linux Mint : http://linuxmint.com/download.php

Creative commons "attribution 3.0" (by:)
To Kevin McLeod (Music) - incompetech.com
and David REVOY (video & art ) - davidrevoy.com

Direct link to the video of the Timelapse - lezard :
link :here on vimeo

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1. John R. Nyquist friday 18 december 2009, 19:01

Very nice work David! Amazing! It's nice you put the software links up too.

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2. dark-blast sunday 20 december 2009, 02:16

we are proud to have you in FOSS creative! Nice work, great!

3. David Revoy monday 21 december 2009, 07:07

Thanks John and Dark-Blast ( nice portfolio , btw )

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4. Jolan monday 28 december 2009, 04:48


On the other hand is there a .deb for Gimp Studio ?

And how to install Gimp Painter correctly in Ubuntu (with logo in the main menu (GNOME)?
A tutorial in a next post should be great to explain how.

So very glad to see a digital painter who use Linux and free software

5. David Revoy monday 28 december 2009, 15:11

Thanks Jolan ;
I don't have a .deb for "Gimp Studio" but I read it carefully and I really like what the author do.

To install Gimp-painter on Ubuntu, download the *.deb here :

Install it ; Gimp-painter should be installed in your /opt/gimp-painter-/ folder.
To run it you can execute this bin :

But I prefer to create a symbolic link to the usr/bin folder like this :
sudo ln -s /opt/gimp-painter-/bin/gimp-2.6 /usr/bin/gimp-painter

After this symbolic link created ; you can launch Gimp-painter from a terminal with typing only gimp-painter. Edit the Ubuntu menu is easy with this new "gimp-painter" shortcut.
If I have time , I will try to dedicate a post to this with good screenshots, and clean little code box ;)

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6. Jolan monday 28 december 2009, 17:35

I tried to "compile" GimpPainter with a command that I found on the net but it didn't work

So I tried in Windows but it was very slow and very not attractive (lol)

Thank you for this tips. And glory to free softwares

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7. Rainer thursday 25 february 2010, 17:17

very nice work :)

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8. RetoucheLibre wednesday 10 march 2010, 19:08

Ouch !!!
I previously saw this incredible video but I did not remember your name until you post your comment on my own blog. As we say in french : "chapeau bas".

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9. kocsi monika thursday 11 march 2010, 11:28

lines of marvelous work. I try my painted, but I'm not a graphic like I can not really draw a bar, I painted I hope we start to do my film is a short-RPG
Tovabbi a lot of luck working time in Hungary

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10. Anthony tuesday 23 march 2010, 06:46

Hi David, This is a great Tutorial.

I was wondering what program you use for the screen capture?

11. David Revoy tuesday 23 march 2010, 18:07

@RetoucheLibre & Koksi Monika: Thanks !

@Anthony: Thanks, I use the software recordmydesktop and gtkrecordmydesktop. Maybe I will do an article soon about.

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12. Tef thursday 08 april 2010, 21:19

Wouaaah !! Je suis impressioné David ! Comme souvent d'ailleurs par la qualité de tes illustrations. Ta vidéo est trèèèèèès enrichissante car j'apprends pleins de choses (et surtout tu m'as fait découvrir Alchemy qui est vraiment top !)

Bravo :)

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13. Yoyo monday 12 april 2010, 18:10

¡Es muy buena, este pintura! Te agradezco mucho :-)

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14. riptyde sunday 02 may 2010, 15:21

David, Excellent work...I love your style.

I don't remember where it was, but I thought I had read a reply by you stating you still had the full length, unedited, real time footage of this painting. Is that true? If so do you have a link to download it? I'm learning digital painting and I would really like to watch someone paint in real time.



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15. SomeFunkyDude friday 28 may 2010, 10:59

Whoa! That is so cool. Thanks.

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16. Naran wednesday 09 june 2010, 16:03


Belle leçon humilité. J'avais portant comment la journée en me disant que j'allais peintre et finalement il est 16h et j'en est pris plein les mirettes. Je reste sans voix devant tant de maitrise "carac design+creature+lanscapes+inovation= DR ;-)
Est le plus génial dans tout ça c'est que tu le fait avec des logiciels libres de droits. ça donne envie de jeter photoshop et de foncer vers cette voie que tu nous ouvert.
à Toi l'explorateur numérique



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17. Paul wednesday 27 october 2010, 12:00


I am an amature artist and enjoy making art alot. Lately I have had no inspiration to paint or draw new illustrations. However, having bought a new wacom intuos 4 recently, I was forcing myself unsuccesfully to draw and paint. Thanks to this video, I now have a new way to start paintings (with alchemy and mypaint).

Keep up the great work,

Paul van Aar.

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18. Emanuele Sangregorio tuesday 02 november 2010, 12:33

Hello, i saw you at the 2010 blender conference.... clap clap clap clap! You just made me want to buy a graphic tablet to work on our new short film :) see you next year!

19. Deevad monday 08 november 2010, 00:13

Thanks for the comments !

@Emanuele : Cool ! See you next year too ;)

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20. jose152 monday 08 november 2010, 17:06

well done sir. *takes of monocle*, im impressed :)

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21. Jendrick thursday 23 december 2010, 03:22

Wow, this is very creative. It blows my mind how many different approaches people take to make a piece of artwork. Do you think it's possible to use MyPaint for all of it? I love MyPaint, but I prefer having a definite canvas size. I've been playing around with it, but I haven't found a way to set the size of the canvas. Do you know how to?

22. Deevad thursday 23 december 2010, 16:30

Hey thanks,
For the infinite canvas of Mypaint there is no way for the moment to set a size of a canvas , that's the bug n°1 on the tracker since long time and the developpement team wait to find a good solution.

Here , if I need a custom size ( for book cover ) I create in Gimp the virtual sheet of paper, select all and apply a border to my selection. Like this I can know the proportion and the limits.

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23. rosengrant wednesday 18 may 2011, 18:57

where coul i find/purchase either a poster ot the ful res version of this?

24. REVOY David wednesday 18 may 2011, 19:27

@Rosengrant : Hey ! Nowhere for the moment. Email me ( use contact ) and ask for this picture 'timelapse lezard' ; I will manage to send you a good resolution ; after you will have to put it on a USB stick and go to a copy center , or a photo service to print it.

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25. GJAnders wednesday 29 june 2011, 18:33

Could you please give me a link to the basic brushes you have for Mypaint, I've been searching all over the forums and can't find it, by the way I really enjoyed this video and as a beginner in digital painting I often look to it for inspiration., thanks!

26. David REVOY wednesday 29 june 2011, 19:53

@GJAnders : Thanks, for the brush , you can find them here : http://www.davidrevoy.com/index.php?article55/mypaint-v4-brushkit

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27. Ben wednesday 06 july 2011, 03:46

The girl looks a bit like a futuristic Sintel. Great work! This is now my desktop background :)

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28. Cecilia tuesday 20 september 2011, 04:51

Wow, that's so amazing.. I can't stop my mouth from falling down the jaw !!

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29. Jena saturday 29 october 2011, 11:56

Merci maître David !

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30. Raul saturday 12 november 2011, 03:25

First time I see that kind of painting! It's really cool how you turn chaos into something so beautiful!

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