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Green Tea

Published the 26 april 2014 in Paintings with tags : Krita, shop, cc-by-nd-nc

artwork by David Revoy

A decorative painting for tea lovers and green lovers. I wanted to keep a part of the painting abstract and play on color vibration. This way I can still imagine a lot of possible landscape. I'll print it for my kitchen, around 50cm height. Also, it's a mini tribute to the Orphism art period, especially for the canvas of Robert and Sonia Delaunay ; so generous in colors. My heart melt each time I cross one artwork of them in a museum.

Krita for drawing and painting and Gmic plugin ( from Gimp ) for shape research and color tweaks.
Prints, posters or cards of this artwork available here:

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saturday 26 april 2014, 08:58

I like it! This painting could hang in my kitchen as well^^ I think it is an interesting contrast of "hard" lines from the cubistic part and the soft curves of the woman. It is nice, to see you experimenting with abstract forms and styles.

And again - working on the page? There is always something to improve, eh ;D I am actually rewriting the third version of my still unpublished new webpage... It´s a pain in the *** sometimes, isn´t it? However your code is very aesthetic! ^^
sunday 27 april 2014, 08:02

@Vasco Alexander Basque : Thanks ! oh, yes for my website version 28 ...a lot of webdesign made since 1999 , haha. I keep always my 'dev' folder with evolutions and tweaks. Last version (before this one ) had big image with scrolling on homepage and categories. Result : I had to display 10MB of images per pages and my bandwidth budget exploded. So, I sort of felt forced to comeback to a thumbnail solution ... Oh yes, it's painful and a lot of work. I understand that most artist nowaday use ready-made solution like a Tumblr only, or a blogspot... Now, I'm happy to finally get the portfolio+gallery+blog all merged together. Good luck for your third version :-)

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3. Dyzon

saturday 12 july 2014, 19:03

David Revoy, please, may you say me how to make this polygon-style illustration, because i think that this style of illustration is very elegant! And... Sorry for my bad english! I'm brazilian!
sunday 13 july 2014, 10:27

@Dyzon : hehe :)
Ok , secret receipt :
1. Do an abstract speedpainting, a bit of chaos just with colors you like with Krita or Mypaint. Save as openraster
2. Open it with Gimp, ( needs the Gmic plugin ) and call the filter Artistic->Polygonize
3. Click the 'outline color' square, and make it 100% transparents. and apply the filter
4. Recall Gmic , and in Repair->Smooth ( take one that do a good rendering, like 'thinbrush' )
5. Now paint over, for more gradient, and developp own shapes.

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