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Cross stitch by Katya Volkova

Published the 08 january 2014 in Misc, oldies and sketches with tags : copyrighted

artwork by David Revoy

Katya Volkova is talented cross-stich designer and developper.
She purchased commercial rights for the usage of two of my artworks : "Lecture" and "TreeHouse".
I'm really impressed with the likeness of her results, and her abilities to really port the spirit of the picture to  the cross-stich technic.

 If you are a cross-stich practiser, or interrested in  ; she sells models and templates.

Check her pages here for more informations and visuals ; a lot of other works too  :

You can also contact her by email at :
p.appolinaria <@t> gmail <dot> com

Under : a work in progress screenshot with my illustration "Lecture" ( screenshot took on this page ) :

Under : With my illustration 'Tree House'; the details are fantastic , I can't imagine the amount of sewing point to obtain this. Fantastic !

This work is Copyrighted.


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friday 10 january 2014, 00:11

David you draw great pictures, people just want to bring this beauty for real materials.
That would have somebody did a couple of sculptures on some of your pictures)
I also have a couple of overs to your drawings that I drew when I watched your lessons.

ps. I apologize for my Google translation of the text, perhaps it's awful xD

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2. kot-barbos

tuesday 14 january 2014, 12:50

At first i thought that it is image with some filter. Good work of Ekaterina, great resolution for cross-stitch.

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tuesday 14 january 2014, 15:05

Those look great! :)

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