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From blue sketch to digital in Krita

22 august 2014
in categorie : Tutorials
artwork by David Revoy
This is a tutorial about the "traditional to digital" topic. You'll see all the step I use for drawing, scanning and cleaning my webcomic Pepper&Carrot
In the first part of the tutorial, I'll show you my choice for sketching, and 'inking' with pencil.
In the second part, we will scan the lines, and clean them in Krita to keep only the pencil artwork.
In the last part, I'll show how to tint the lines, and make them transparent to be ready to receive a full color work later.

The following tutorial is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License , and indirectly sponsored by my Patreons.

PDF shapes for Alchemy

22 january 2010
in categorie : Tutorials
artwork by David Revoy

deevad rounded net deevad mecha detail net deevad basic net deevad spikes net

alchemy shape speed 01 alchemy shape speed 02 alchemy shape speed 03 alchemy shape speed 04 alchemy shape speed 05

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