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Dreams of a Geisha is a puzzles/match 3 game produced by Green Sauce Games. I worked as a digital painter for the backgrounds, and as graphist for some of the graphical elements ( icons , graphic user interface, etc... ) game. I wasn't alone ; a lot of graphism were also done by other talentuous artist you can find in the credit of the game. The game is sold on Big Fish here and it's was a real pleasure to see it ranked number 1 few time after his release. 

dream of a geisha logo

Concept and illustrations :

dream of a geisha wip1 screens
Composition rough, for the snow landscape. Proposition '3' was accepted.

dream of a geisha wip2 screens
I use 3D low polygon elements I speedly modeled, with paint-over on them ( Blend&Paint technic ) 

dream of a geisha wip3 screens
Painted 3D 

dream of a geisha wip4 screens
With the full paint-over

dream of a geisha 4seasons screens
A sample of the background artwork

dream of a geisha wip5 screens
Night versions

purchase the game : 

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1. Steven Powers (SMP) thursday 16 june 2011, 17:03

Very nice David. Thanks for sharing.

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2. Milad Thaha thursday 16 june 2011, 17:08

Wow, pretty sweet stuff there David. Love the colors, especially the autumn one. Inspiring work :D

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3. Boaro - Green Sauce Games thursday 16 june 2011, 18:49

Great post David. It was an enormous pleasure work with you in Dreams of a Geisha. Thanks!

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4. erick thursday 16 june 2011, 23:34

that whim... very very beautifull

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5. Jalberto friday 17 june 2011, 00:40

Beautiful work indeed! Thanks for sharing some of the process :)

6. David REVOY friday 17 june 2011, 08:32

@All : Thanks for the feedback !

@Boaro - Green Sauce Games : It was a real pleasure too , Thanks :)

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7. kot-barbos friday 17 june 2011, 14:17

Nice work, David :)

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