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22 Bconf diner

Here is a summary post with pictures of my activities in the past week, hundreds of interesting peoples met, 1 talks , 4 workshops and a travel threw Europe from Italy to Netherlands.
Unfortunately , I couldn't talk here about all the interesting things I saw and learned or about all the cool peoples I met... Just about my talks ; and that's already a big works ;)

View Conference ( Turin, Italy ): Talks about Open source

The first day, I did a long workshop for Top-ix inside the Viewconference where I could draw live a character concept-art from the scratch with Alchemy, Gimp-painter and Mypaint. I ended with this idea of a steampunk gnome soldier , with communication equipement ( phone) in a 1st world war period. The result pictures of the Workshop in Turin, and under 'work in progress' steps of the creation.

On the afternoon , I was fortunate to had a talks about 'Moving to Linux and Open-Source" in the main room between the talks of high CG profile such as Bruce Holcomb ( Avatar Vfx, ILM studios ), Kim White (Technical Director, Toy Story 3 , Pixar ) , Tim Jonhson ( director and producer, Dreamworks ) and many other brilliant personalities. At evening after the conferences , we had all together a good moment at the restaurant 'Con Calma'. A good opportunity for me to know more about their work in so high industry studios, and of course makes fast sketch of them and their wife/husband. Under, you'll find a fresh video interview done right after the talks ( press play to see the video ) ( video source : Top-ix/ )

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Blender Conference 2010 ( Amsterdam , Netherlands )

13 Bconf header

Ton Roosendaal ( Blender Foundation Founder and Chairman ) during the opening of the Blender Conference 2010.

First workshop at Bconf 2010

My first workshop reviewed most of the features non-known about Mypaint, Alchemy or Gimp-painter. At the end of this non-exhaustive review , I took the last minutes in doing a speed based on the 3 softwares. The pictures and the work in progress are under.

16 Bconf 1stworkshop face3
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Second workshop at Bconf 2010

Influenced by the workshop of the artist Andy Goralczyk , I decided to show a demo with music minimalistically commented of my use of Blender ( it sounded good in the Blender conference ) with a paint over for environment. In a big hour, not a lot time to do a perfect rendering, but enough to give 'an idea'. The result picture is under, and the WIP too.

21 Bconf 2ndworkshop blendpaint 5
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17 Bconf 2ndworkshop blendpaint 1 18 Bconf 2ndworkshop blendpaint 2 19 Bconf 2ndworkshop blendpaint 3 20 Bconf 2ndworkshop blendpaint 4 21 Bconf 2ndworkshop blendpaint 5

The B'conf diner

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It wasn't a real demo, just a work session with Jonathan Williamson about a 'copter' vehicules. But many saw it as it was on our diner table. A bit of Alchemy live demo, and model sheet in Gimp-painter and Mypaint :) I post no pictures yet here about to keep teasing about this future 'mega-cool project'.

The Sunday improvised collaboration with Andy

An improvised workshop : Andy and I wanted to try a fun experiment ; start a collaboration with him starting a 3D scene with a black and white render, and I would paint-over. This was one of the most exiting workshop I've ever done, because their was inside this big hour a perfume of improvisation, total artistic opening and challenge to ourself. Too bad I was really sick this day, I had to go back to the hotel urgently just after and couldn't say correctly bye bye to most of peoples I wanted. I recover a bit of health just before leaving the hotel to get back to home ; a luck.

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24 Bconf 3rdworkshop collab with eyecandy 1 25 Bconf 3rdworkshop collab with eyecandy 2 26 Bconf 3rdworkshop collab with eyecandy 3 27 Bconf 3rdworkshop collab with eyecandy 4 29 Bconf collab deevad eyecandy 2 30 Bconf collab deevad eyecandy 4 28 Bconf 3rdworkshop collab with eyecandy 5

And to conclude, thanks to the public ; always present to fill all the sit in the rooms ( and sometimes more! ) during the conferences. It makes me really happy. ( the photo under was done during the 'collaboration' with Andy ). Thanks to to all the organisation and people who made all this events possible.


Additional photo credit for the article : Andy Goralczyk , Jonathan Williamson


  Milad Thaha -

Awesome! Wish to see more about the conference though, I couldn't attend it :( Sad to hear you were sick the last day :(


  DeburgER -

very interesting, thank you!

p.s.: there is a missing 'K' in heading "First worshop at Bconf 2010"


  DeburgER -

p.p.s: and in "Second Worshop at Bconf 2010" too


  Deevad OP , -

@Milad : :) Thanks for the comment.

@Deburger : Hey Thanks a lot to point me this errors ! I corrected it ;)


  Omar_Ramirez -

I really wish I could have attended the conference.

Hopefully next year (and hopefully with my own prsentation o_O)

Keep up the great work!


  Andrew Price -

What a shock to find this page through stumbleupon! :O

I thoroughly enjoyed watching your presentations David. You truly are an amazingly talented artist. Don't ever stop!


  Deevad OP , -

@Omar: Hey, would be good if you can come ; but I understand south america is really far and it cost a lot to come.

@Andrew : Hey Thanks Andrew for the visit ;) It was a pleasure to talk and share a beer with you during this Bconf2010.


  Trébla -

congratulations about this conference !

Your work is recongnized at last !

I really love your work. I'm one of your best fans ! ^^



  Blenders best -

First of all congratulations! Lovely work. I am really appreciate your work. Thanks for sharing the nice post. Thanks so much.....

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