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Yin and Yang of world hunger

Published the 03 september 2010 in Paintings with tags : Gimp, Mypaint, traditionnal, award, shop, cc-by-nd-nc

artwork by David Revoy
Enough food is produced in the world today to feed everyone, but it's not the case... That's the best way to see the total failure of our actual human societies. This is what I tried to represent in this picture.
You can help with signing this free online petition to express your support against world hunger.
Prints, posters or cards of this artwork available here:

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saturday 04 september 2010, 01:06

Very powerful picture david. I think it say's a lot more than most of your fantasy pieces.

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2. theparanoidcriticalrevolution

saturday 04 september 2010, 22:45

I wouldn't call it a total failure, maybe a partial failure. But you are right, there is something wrong with us still.

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sunday 05 september 2010, 16:23


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4. Anthony Edlin

sunday 05 september 2010, 21:37

Wow, great idea to play on the yin and yang thing, simple and direct yet draws you into the details, well painted.

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5. Vaibhav dhruve

tuesday 07 september 2010, 17:50

it bring shame to human beings that this things happens in the real world one can being so selfish ......

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6. lawwyy

thursday 09 september 2010, 12:11

this is a powerful depiction.

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7. sandy

thursday 16 september 2010, 21:03

Celui-là fait partie de mes préférés, il est dérangeant et beau à la fois. Plein de finesse et de rondeur. Un petit chef-d'oeuvre !

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8. lenna

saturday 18 september 2010, 16:51

A very well depicted international crisis... So sad.

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9. ts

wednesday 22 september 2010, 16:15

nice.............however doesn't yin and yang represent some sorta complete opposites that are complementary ?
.........anyway just airin this out don't bother replying.......liked ur work btw.......keep up the gud work

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10. ts

wednesday 22 september 2010, 16:17

re: saw ur other work and liked them too

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sunday 03 october 2010, 16:59

Ha ha ha très impressionnant ta vision du ying et yang.

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sunday 03 october 2010, 17:10

En tout cas j'espére que cela permet de voir les inégalités face a la faim dans le monde ;-)

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13. brownie

thursday 14 october 2010, 08:44

Tout d'abord, félicitations bien sûr.
J'essaie de vous suivre dans la voie de l'open source, et si tout me convainc (softs, pipeline, etc.), je bloque sur un truc :
Comment obtenir l'interface de Gimp telle qu'elle apparait dans ce tutoriel?
Merci et à bientôt
thursday 21 october 2010, 13:38

Thanks for all the feedback about this unusual piece in my portfolio ; this artwork is highly shared into social website and blogs. I saw a blog with 10 000 sharing links about it.

Note a tutorial exist about it on this month CGarena pdf mag issue.

@Brownie : in my brush kit there is also the file to change the Gimp Ui position like in the tutorial.

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thursday 18 november 2010, 02:50

Hello Deevad, never realized you work with MyPaint and GIMP though I've seen your works in other places, including CG society.

This piece in particular is extremely powerful.

Really though, all your stuff's amazing, thanks for sharing with us.
thursday 18 november 2010, 10:49

Thanks Niva for the comments ! As I saw on your portfolio you also use Gimp sometimes ; Have you give a try to the fork Gimp-painter and the mixbrush tool ? And Mypaint ? they are both cool :)

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thursday 18 november 2010, 11:23

I was only recently told about MyPaint and experimented with it briefly before having to upgrade to windows 7 on my main workstation which wiped out linux. I'm still setting it up and going to do a backup before re-installing linux for a dual boot. I really didn't know my way around MyPaint though the brush engine impressed me very much.

I need to figure out a way to configure my wacom better in linux.

The GIMP-paint I've not tried, the only thing I heard was that it isn't supported anymore which is a big turnoff to me to the point that I don't even want to try it. I'm assuming it's some skinned version of GIMP with stuff laid out slightly differently. Maybe you know better as a user.

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thursday 25 november 2010, 13:41

Wow that looks great. I'd really like to flattr it but sadly it doesn't have a button.

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19. kristin

monday 29 november 2010, 05:25

hello david,
i am a student in college, and my professor recently asked us to choose a visual rhetorical image to help us (students) give a speech on world hunger. i am also an art major and really love all of your work, though i am not nearly as talented in photoshop and GIMP. I am quite talented with acrylics, and my art studies are helping me to become much better. I found this piece to be very compelling (aesthetically as well as the message you convey) and would love to use it in my world hunger speech. Is there in additional information I could obtain form you on this piece? Like, how exactly you came about this particular subject matter? Was there a particular situation in the world that compelled you? Please, if you could help me, that would be absolutely fantastic!
monday 29 november 2010, 10:38

@Kristin : Thanks for the comments about this piece. This theme from your teacher sounds really good and smart to learn. You can know more about at this link ; it's the making of I published for CGarena :

I will post it asap on this blog too.

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21. kristin

monday 29 november 2010, 17:06

thank you very much! i greatly appreciate it. i added you on facebook too if you think of anything i should know.
-kristin childers

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wednesday 12 january 2011, 13:57

Incredible picture. Thank you for being one artist that does more than just art, but gives a deeper sense to it.
Bonne continuation et encore merci,
wednesday 12 january 2011, 15:59

Thanks a lot Johannes, merci.

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24. Luke Peterson

friday 17 june 2011, 06:38

Hello. I stumbled upon this painting on a friend's blog. I instantly fell in love with it. The idea is so simple yet portrays such a strong message. Because of this, I am getting this as a tattoo on my rib cage this saturday. I really enjoy this work of art.
friday 17 june 2011, 08:30

@Luke Peterson : Thanks for your comment, and good luck for the tatoo !

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26. Tao

sunday 13 november 2011, 23:53

Although this is a very nice piece of work, I feel that you miss use the yin and yang ideals. Research Tao and you will see that your art doesn't flow with it. For instance the main idea is that yin cannot live without yang. Everything is made of yin and yang. Some have more yin and some have more yang. That is why this look different. This suggests too much yang is bad but according to Toaism that is just how things are made. Nice work though.
monday 14 november 2011, 12:00

@Tao : I found fun to read your feedback and point of view.

Just wanted to precise here : I'm not taoïsm nor expect to be one, and sorry if you feel my artwork did misusage of a symbol you love and certainly understand on a spiritual level. Here I use it for another topic. More graphic.

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28. Anon

monday 19 march 2012, 18:06

This is dead on. Seriously, great job on this! I couldn't picture a more perfect way to describe the world hunger today, and this is amazing and it's great! I seriously had a loss of words when I saw this!

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sunday 09 september 2012, 15:48

Wow.. Really good, and so real !

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30. vtero

sunday 09 september 2012, 21:05

This is just racism. Why is that fat dude white? Do you know how many black fat asses there is in USA?
sunday 09 september 2012, 21:59

@vtero : Not sure if trolling, or just st****d .

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32. Sizwe

monday 11 february 2013, 20:55

Hi David

I would please like to use this as a front cover for a book I intend to publish soon. I am a Bantu man from "South Africa" and my book is about certain unsavoury trends in the thinking of my fellow Bantu. This image help to capture the sad posture taken by so many people here in Africa. They have become accustomed to victimhood. My book will seek to address this penchant for victimhood.

I would explicitly credit you as the original artist on the back cover.

May I?
monday 11 february 2013, 21:42

@Sizwe : Hi Sizwe, Thanks for being interrested into my artwork. Offering credit for the book cover is nothing spectacular as it is a requirement in publishing , and I doubt I will be ever famous because of a creditation... Even , let say, for a CocaCola project... In fact : noone care about the little credit name at the back of the book... It's a fact.

As you want to make a commercial usage about it, I would authorize it only if you pay for a right of usage.
Thanks to mail-me on for more info about my rates.

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34. L.A

thursday 22 may 2014, 19:18

Very clever piece of work, I'm really speechless.
Keep it up :) ...

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sunday 05 october 2014, 04:32

really wonderful ... if you had a few more options would be adding some good colors .

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36. Ivy

tuesday 17 march 2015, 22:18

Amazing piece, I'm blown away by how creative and impactful this is. Inspiring!

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