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Merry Xmas

Published the 24 december 2013 in Misc, oldies and sketches with tags : greetings, traditionnal

artwork by David Revoy



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1. stella

wednesday 25 december 2013, 02:07

Merci joyeux noel a toi aussi!
Toujours aussi fan de tes oeuvres depuis plusieurs annee!
Continue le plus longtemps possible meme malgres les critiques que tu peux rencontrer sur certain dessin et ou projet; c'est toujours, a mon gout, une agreable surprise et refleflexion sur ce qui nous entours (sur tes dessin hors projet pro)etàou me rapelle de bon souvenir d'enfance sur mon propre imaginaire( mais je n'est pas ton talent!)
Bonne fete de fin d'annee et hate de voir si tu nous fait encore cette annee une esquise pour la nouvelle annee

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wednesday 25 december 2013, 18:23

great as always :)

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3. kot-barbos

wednesday 25 december 2013, 20:29

Merry Christlas to all!
Cool drawing style.

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4. Shadi

thursday 31 july 2014, 19:22

I know this's a quite late return of your greetings...but you do all these beautiful work, besides your brush packs and your involvement in free painting software...which all proves you're far from lazy...and you still wouldn't spell the whole word?!

Anyway...Merry CHRISTmas to you and everyone!

(Dare you to post.)
thursday 31 july 2014, 19:38

@Shadi : haha , indeed a bit late. Nice to receive a Xmas greeting in summer :D and yes , I'm a bit not fund of spelling 'christ' in christmas, and prefer Xmas ... I'm not into religious stuff, even if I keep a rich and deep spiritual life. Thanks for your words about my artworks and brush and involvement.

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