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Artscriptk 0.8.7

04 march 2013

Video of ArtscriptTK in action , done by Iván Yossi ( aka Ghevan ) on his Youtube channel.

Update 4 March 2013

Artscriptk is a GUI wrapper for convert ( Imagemagick ) and calligraconverter ( Calligra suite, Krita ) written by Iván Yossi ( aka Ghevan ).

In simple ; it allow you to convert , from a selection+right-click on FileManager , one or multiple (batch )  multilayered XCF, ORA, PSD , KRA file to JPG or PNG with a nice watermark option, adding prefix or not, resizing too , etc...  Ideal to send to a client a JPG file low res of your precious hi-res open-raster multilayered file , or publish an artwork on a forum. Just at one click away.

 It was inspired by my crappy old version named Artscript ( watch the video in the last part of this page if you want to understand the start point ), more infos in the video above, or directly read the official release page of Ghevan :

Ghevan did a absolutely wonderfull work on it. The script use now a single graphic user interface, better result and performances, easier to install. I tested it the last weeks and he was really nice to correct and polish all the bug I could found on it.
I use the 0.8.7 version on my Linux Mint KDE 14 Dolphin, and all run perfectly. A must have for all graphist on Linux. Thanks again !


You may want to directly refer to Ghevan page ,

On KDE , for Dolphin :
Be sure to have Imagemagick and Krita installed for the required library.
Download the tar.gz here  :
Extract it in  ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/
( it can also start by ~/.kde4 , if it's the case, you'll have to edit the service file *.desktop to update the path manually to the script )

To see if it worked :  Close all Dolphin, then restart Dolphin. Select one or more image files in Dolphin , right-click then select in the menu the new entry 'Artscript'. This will launch Artscript GUI. Do your choice, then apply. Done

Note : if you want to edit the presets, write this in a terminal :
kate ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/artscript.tcl
Then edit from l.47 to l.68 with your watermark preset and sizes, suffix...etc...

Doesn't work ? What to do :
- Check if you have the *.desktop file inside ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/
- Check the permission to execute of the file artscript.tcl in the same folder
- Check if you have the library installed : Imagemagick, Krita
- Try to restart Dolphin
- all this failed ? maybe it can broke with time, try newest version on Git-hub repository :

On other file explorer ( Nautilus, Nemo, etc... )  :
No solution for the moment, but If you have a preference to add custom script , just add artscript.tcl followed by the way to open mutiple file with path. For ex: artscript.tcl %F   or equivalent, all who can look like this output : artscript.tcl /path/to/file1.jpg /path/to/file2.jpg /path/to/etc.jpg

More links

links for more documentation :
Git-hub repository :

Old article for archives

The content framed here is outdated , it was first published the 18 december 2012 , I recommend now to use the ArtscriptK version of Ghevan.

 I started to play with 'bash' script on my freetime, and I just want today to share my  humble scripts packed.  Yes, I'm proud of my first 'release' , and you can probably feel it in this little video above.  My goal : bring to artist users a series of handy KDE's services script, for boosting productivity task. I made them for my freelance usage along the time.  The video show the features and usage, I hope you'll like them.

Details of scripts in the package :

Note : input files compatible : *.xcf , *.ora , *.kra, *.psd , *.tiff, *.png , *.jpg , etc...

ToWeb :
    export selected files to jpg, with customisable compression, size, watermark
    --> for exporting preview for your client, or final resized piece for your post on web, emails, etc...

ToOra :
    Convert selected files to open-raster layered file format, as opened by Krita, and saved as *.ora
    --> for converting old *.psd or *.xcf project you want to retouch with Krita or Gimp.

ToPng :
    Convert selected files to flat png, compressed well.
    --> Ideal for lossless flat archiving, or transmit flat RGB Hi-res

Date :
    Add the prefix date with the ISO pattern : YYYY-MM-DD_yourfile.ext , work on folder, multiple files, etc...
    --> Ideal to keep your folder and artwork version , sorted by filename = sorted by creation time.

Collage :

    Do a collage of the selected files into a unique jpg image at 92% compression, tiling customisable
    --> Ideal to compare 2 artworks, export a Work in Progress.

Dependencies :

kdialog : for the GUI windows
xcftools: for the XCF reading compatibility
calligraconverter: for the KRA, ORA compatibility
imagemagick : The main library for the rest, and manipulations ( resizing, collage )

on Kubuntu :
sudo apt-get install xcftools krita imagemagick-common

Download :

2012-12-18_artscript-v1.tar.gz  ( 60KB )

Disclaimer :
Use them it at your own risk.

How to install :

  • tested on Kubuntu 12.04 and Linux Mint KDE 13 :
  • Download and Extract the artscript-v1.tar.gz
  • Copy the share folder into your ~/.kde folder
  • Go to the folder ~/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/artscript
  • And check if all the script are exectuable ( right click, permission tab, is exetable )
  • Note: Edit with a text editor ( Kate ) 'toweb' , you can customise the watermark preset, and suffix on the script, l.80 and l.138
  • Done

Future :

You enjoy ? you want to developp it ? continue it ? adapt it for Nautilus script, Nemo script , or Thunar Action, or wathever DE ?
Fine ! here I'm a bit limited by my poor skill, so it's up to you if you know how to put it on GIT, bring features, make better default , etc... I'll be happy to test, and be around.

Licence : ,  GPL 3.0
  some of the icons are derivative of the Tango icon project
  and Faenza under compatible license. 
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Avatar Gravatar
tuesday 18 december 2012, 22:16

Nice work buddy ! Keep it up :)

Avatar Gravatar

2. Itzcuauhtli

tuesday 18 december 2012, 23:30

WOW. Looks awesome and funny. I hope you can adapt it for Nautilus.

Avatar Gravatar

3. Daniel Wray

thursday 31 january 2013, 23:35

Excellent release David, and congratulations on getting into scripting.

I had plans to develop something similar to this, at least in regards to automatic baking of text data into an image - I had the idea of baking in a strip at the bottom of an image holding various bits of data; file name, format, path, bit-depth, resolution, and perhaps a colour chart/ gradient bar.

I'd imagine that this will all be possible in imagemagick, I just need to get stuck into it. I will look through your script for a starting point though! :)
friday 01 february 2013, 00:33

@Daniel Wray : Thanks !
I think imagemagick will do anything you want about it.
A lot of image infos can be grabbed with for ex: identify -verbose imagename.png
Should be easy to 'grep' the useful bits.
And pasting the data on the bottom of the image can be done : styled , positionned , etc... A good project :) good luck!

Avatar Gravatar
friday 01 february 2013, 06:17

Nice, I've been experimenting with convert and bash scripts myself. Right now I'm usng some quick scripts to do some tasks as you do, but I guess its better to use the file manager to cherry pick some files. I was checking your scripts to see If I could adapt them to Tk (I'm no developer I just started trying out Tk scripting today), and I see that you use a lot of temporary files to do converts.

I'm not big fan of temporary files so i spent some time a while ago researching on how to pipe the image stream on imagemagick. I adapt it to somewhat match your script on "toweb" file to try it out. Here's my command using a pipe workflow on a simple bash script.

now=$(date +%F)

for file in *.png
convert $file -resize 320 png32:- | convert - -pointsize 10 -fill $colorstyle -gravity SouthEast -annotate +3+3 "$watermark"_"$now" png32:- | convert - -quality 50 ${file%.png}.jpg

Hope it helps.
friday 01 february 2013, 11:08

@Ghevan : Nice tip^! thanks. I ignored you could pipe 'convert' like that.
Yes, about the temp *.png file, I feel a bit guilty to write it in next to the user files ; I should also use /temp/ when necessary.
Thanks for the infos. I'll certainly improve it.

For Tk, I did research about on the past ; it sound good to make GUI. Kdialog are a bit limited, I started to inspect various way to make GUI ( Py + Qt ) . But it's for the moment really a lot of information to digest.

Avatar Gravatar

7. Ghevan

friday 01 february 2013, 19:22


It's not very efficient using pipes in my machine. I thought it was a good idea to use them to use -gravity method. After a bit of testing you can do it in one step

convert 1203-16_05.png -resize 1000x1000 -pointsize 10 -fill red -gravity SouthEast -draw "text 10,10 'Copyright'" -quality 85 output.jpg
friday 01 february 2013, 20:08

@Ghevan : Oh thanks for the testing. I'll study this way, it sounds more efficient.

Also, as a note, I had to add ...
-colorspace sRGB
... flag to each one of my imagemagick lines in recent imagemagick update. The reason : without it imagemagick was darkening some of them coming from different profile ( camera / scanner / etc... )

Avatar Gravatar

9. EscapedNight

saturday 16 february 2013, 23:52

This works outside of KDE? Like in Unity?

Avatar Gravatar
friday 22 february 2013, 16:53

This is awesome! Watermarking made allot easier. Thank you!

Avatar Gravatar

11. kot-barbos

monday 04 march 2013, 20:14

convert Deevad -i Digital Artist -o Programmer :lol:
monday 04 march 2013, 21:10

@kot-barbos : :D !

Avatar Gravatar
tuesday 05 march 2013, 05:05

Thanks @davidrevoy for the effort.

I updated the instruction sets. Now there are instructions for KDE (Dolphin), XFCE (thunar) and Gnome (Nautilus). Everything is tested using version 0.8.7

Also, if you have Inkscape installed It will use it to process SVG. Everything supported scale, watermark an collage mode.

Avatar Gravatar

14. EscapedNight

thursday 07 march 2013, 12:17

I have Thunar in Unity. Will it work?

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