L'héritage en couleur


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More infos :
This graphic novel is a personal project made aside from my daily work as an illustrator.
I tried to depict in it a difficult theme but a one which is close to my heart : the way children are affected by a negative ambient at home, and social difficulties they can endure in consequences.  I'm always shocked when I meet parents who send unconsciously their violence, pessimism or sadness to their children. This novel is not really a mental answer to it, just a heart reaction. 

I learned a lot of things while writing and drawing this one. About myself and about my technics.  It was done using only free and open sources software on Linux and I will publish soon the ' making-of ' material. By the way, I'm already working on the next one.

- 2012-05 : making of published on my blog here 
- 2013-04 : I received a Daily Deviation on deviantArt for this comic, thanks

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License :
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Source :
http://sta.sh/02beajhpwg0u  ( part 1 )
http://sta.sh/026bnsruquyw  ( part 2 )
( Hi-res open-raster file, layered, inside a zip archive )

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  André VAZ -

SUPER !!! :)

  Mikhail Schalk -

This is fantastic!

  Ram -

Génial ! Poétique, attendrissant, ma journée commence vraiment très bien malgré l'absence de soleil ! =D

  Alexandre -

That's kids' version of Pleasantville, isn't it? :)

  Morten E -

It´s a sad and beautiful world

  Elo -

Tout simplement magnifique ! J'aime beaucoup le message véhiculé ! Et je suis toujours aussi admirative du coup de crayon !

  n-pigeon -

Beautiful novel.
I know a lot about how big impact negative emotions can have on children, but not only on them.

Good thing is that this experience can make them stronger... just like in Your novel.
We usually see children as victims, but they are more wise than we expect. It's because they are not corrupted by arrogance and ignorance, they still want to learn, something that adults THINK they are too old for.

  yuli -

that nice nice nice!
very good job david
I like :)

  Steven Powers (SMP) -

Very nice David. Good work.

  Brett W. McCoy -

I loved this, especially that you told the story entirely visually and without words or dialog. Beautiful and heartwarming story. I want to go hug my wife and son right now to make sure our world is full of happy and warm color!

  deburger -

veeery nice!!

  Smolli -

@Brett So true, except that it's my wife and two daughters I'm gonna hug ;)

@David, what can I say....? formidable, émouvant, makes me remember to never forget how children feel - adults, too of course, but they have learned to cope with negativities, at least better than children.

  Mozart Couto -

Excellent work !!! Most comics should be like this: sensitive and without violence. Congratulations for your excellent blog and the great job with free software!

  RayBlender -

Very nice work. Not only the images but also the story it tells. I must admit that after seeing the story I had to look again to understand the full meaning of each image.

One little detail: in the image where we see the girl spinning round in her room it looks as if she is wearing shoes. She should be wearing socks as she left her shoes in the hall.

I look forward to see more of your artwork. I wish you lots of success.

  Grant M -

Wonderfully done & discusses an important theme. Loved it

  David REVOY OP , -

@ Everyone : Many thanks for the comments, they made my day ! :)
Note : no one spotted the BBB poster ? :D

@Alexandre : Didn't knew Pleasantville and I'm probably not the last and obviously not the first to have the idea to use B&W and color as a medium to do storytelling. Everything already exist... I even expect a lot already did ; but with the color brush mode of Mypaint and HSY color blending mode of Krita it was too fun to playful to not give it a try.

@RayBlender : Nice spotted for the shoes in this frame. I will correct it.

  sage -

Beautiful as always.

Was it done with mypaint/gimp, or was it done with a recent Krita version ?

  Ramon Miranda -

Wow David, this is really emotive. i am even more emotional afected than artistical afected. The script is very good. only i have seen a pair of poses that dont really do the job. when is with the old woman. but dont afect to the story. +5

  Tairony -

Wow! This is an amazing story! It's really cool and exciting.
I think that as an artist I would like to know how to demonstrate my emotions so well.
Thanks for sharing.

  Todd McCullough -

Great work David!
Nice imagery.

  JAlberto -

Fantastic work David! The mood is just perfect.

  Alona -

Wow, an amazing story and breathtaking work!

  Somnilokr -

Really great work! Dont need words to tell a beautiful and deep story, I mean... amazing...

  fromlugdunum -

So touching, thanks for this art.

  Chicao -

Very touching and inspirational! Keep it up the great work!

  swims -

J'aime! J'aime le dessin, le scénar (papa depuis deux ans) et j'aime le making of (et on ne parle pas de l'usage des FLOSS qui m'a amené à suivre ce blog depuis deux ans aussi je crois)

  Somebody -

Great ! Met it one the russian website, http://pikabu.ru/story/detskaya_grust_519358
You can see here russian comments about it. This novel is in the top :D

  David REVOY OP , -


@Somebody : Thanks to show me the repost , cool comments :) good the reposter wrote a link on the comment.

  Anna -

It's delicious ... So many of these emotions!

  Gabri -

Nice, I think you could think in a bigger way and try to develop something like the super worm world saga of Daniel Lieske :)

  Itzcuauhtli -

I love this story. And I cry because is a cruel and daily true of very childrens around the world. And I thinks that it is a great motivation to be better as persons every day, if we want a better world

  Itzcuauhtli -

I would like to share your novel on the spanish website "comunidadarteviva.com". If you allow me this honor, of course. Your credits will be respected, too.

  David REVOY OP , -

all : thx for the nice comment. It make me think I still must fix the shoes when she enter the room. Or maybe let it ; as a sort of weird easter egg :)

@Gabri : I might think about it :) thx

@Itzcuauhtli : Thx, feel free to repost ; as I wrote in the license ; it's ok even without my permission if it's for non commercial, and got a link back and my name. Thx !

  Olivia DB -

beautiful..and touching.

  Discover Your Treasure -

Sooooooooooooo expressive
I really learned how to face troubles of life but I'm really not going to hide under bed.

  Milad Thaha -

This is bloody brilliant! The colors are stupendous, and you sent into a dark cave for a moment. Bloody well done; I'm right now oozing of the details in those drawings, your images have so much appeal!

  David REVOY OP , -

[update] : I updated the 'shoes' issue in the scene of the bedroom. Time also to invest a bit of time to export and repost on other community to expose to other new eyes.

  Benjamin Turner -

I think what I love most about this story is that you have made color a supporting character in the plot of the story. It's almost like color -- all color -- embraces its own motives of hope, imagination, and innocence.

As someone who loves to work on white paper with charcoal, I think that maybe I need to go outside, visit a bakery, lounge in a park by a stream, and play with some crayons! ;)

-- Benjamin


Very very nice work David.

Fait chaud au cœur =D

  cherylynn -

A very well constructed narrative with a heartfelt theme and a cleverly wonderful use of color to great effect. was very moved by this

  Leonardo -

Beautiful work of art ! =D

  Justin -

Very good art, and a very true message. Thanks for the thoughtful material.

  kalaysa -

keep it up :) don't you have an fb page?

  David REVOY OP , -

@kalaysa : Thanks ! No, I closed it. I'm against Fb privacy policies and try to don't feed the services with a lot of personnal data. I have an account for keeping in personnal touch with few family member and friends only. Btw, I do have a G+ and Twitter account , you can find the link on my contact page or on the website header.

  Mary -

This is absolutely beautiful and it made me tear up. Any thoughts as to turning it into a picture book? I would totally buy one just to keep around me remind me to be happy. It's very uplifting and sad and that's beautiful. Thank you for sharing your art.

  David REVOY OP , -

@Mary : Thanks Mary ! For the moment, I still need to find a publisher to publish this. I'm working right now on a story with dragons and magical power ; but I would also love to make a longer story with cat. Thanks for the feedback , I'll consider it.

  Bird -

This is beautifully drawn and very powerful. Very effective!

It conveys so much and so very well... also, the art style is quite charming! Reminscent of Japanese manga and anime of the eighties, as well as American animation of the black and white era.

  David REVOY OP , -

@Bird : hey, thank you for the feedback

  Razorbane -

That is great mate. I cant wait to see more of your work.

  Michele -

This is utterly beautiful! LOVE it!!!

  Arnaud Couturier -

Très très touchant!

  Kat!e -

This is beautiful. Made me cry.

  Massimo -

very beautiful piece of art,
keep up this excellent work and themes!

  Waccha -

I cry a lot of, i'm so sad I HATE THAT type of parents

  Sam -

Beautiful, thanks :´)

  Hena -

Hi! I accidently saw this comic stript on the Korean website
and decided to leave a comment!
I'm very happy to appreciate your artworks, especially this comic stript which gave me strong impression. Thank you!

  David REVOY OP , -

@Hena : Oh, my webcomic did travel to Korea ? So cool ! thanks for the comment :-)

  Massimo -

I came here to give a look to your graphic novel another time and i really have to express how appreciable and moving it really is.
One of the most beautiful, fine and enjoyable piece of artwork my eyes happened to witness in years..
Your works are always charged with emotions that reach us clearly and in their utmost brightness and intensity!

  David REVOY OP , -

@Massimo : Many thanks Massimo !

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