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Video timelapse : Owl Princess

Published the 19 september 2012 in Tutorials with tags : Krita, Mypaint, video, cc-by-sa

HD video , turn the resolution to 720 for better details
For the final picture, bigger resolution on Deviant-Art 

CC-By-Sa : Any usage of the artwork are allowed if providing credits to the author and links mentioning the original and sharing the result under a similar license.

Creative Commons License


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thursday 20 september 2012, 01:31

Pure magic!

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2. Marambaia

thursday 20 september 2012, 07:48

Hello David, thank you very much for your tutorials, and for embracing the open source initiative.
Open source tools really need high-end artsists, and your work clearly validates these tools overall.
From traditional medium I am recently moving to cgraphics, using (what more?) mypaint + gimp.
I have learned a lot from you, please keep posting your art! =)

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thursday 20 september 2012, 20:09

Thanks for posting this David. It's always so cool to watch how these pieces come together, and quite helpful too.

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4. André

thursday 20 september 2012, 20:28

Really great and inspiring!Thank you very much.

I see in the video that you creat two new brushes in mypaint. Can you please this part in normal speed with a few comments please? :)
thursday 20 september 2012, 20:45

Thanks Brett, Alex, André and Marambaia :)
@André : I'll try to make my next video more specific on some parts of process and maybe details making brush on the fly with Mypaint.

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friday 21 september 2012, 20:00

Encore une video qui me met sur les fesses ^^

La partie la plus impressionnante pour moi c'est la mise en couleur avec krita :)
bref du grand art :)

je suis vraiment fan :P

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friday 21 september 2012, 20:01

faut que je montre ça à ma soeurette qui utilise photoshop ( beurk ) :P

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8. Nathaniel Schultz

friday 21 september 2012, 20:12

Thanks again David. I have wondered at where you integrated Krita into your workflow and this gives me the hints. Now I just have to watch it over and over again till, like Kynitia, I see your actions and understand why each one was done. Now I just need the time. I will just have to make time, I have a project that needs everything I have.

As you can see, I am not dead.. yet.. I have also been pondering an ArgosianMint13LTS, but with three irons (projects) already in the fire I just don't know when I will have the energy.. We need to invent the 50 hour day, that way I have enough time to do everything I need to.
friday 21 september 2012, 22:54

@lecouin : Merci !

@Nathaniel Schultz : Hey Nathaniel :) Nice to see you. I was about to switch tonight to Linux Mint 13 KDE , just because the default are better than Kubuntu, and I need a new fresh install because I found a way to corrupt my actual install with building special libs.
I was also thinking of doing a easy script to install Krita 2.5 + Mypaint 1+0Git + Gimp 2.8 + tablet interface from ppa. I need to see how to do a Zenity easy GUI for it to make it user friendly. Good luck to finish your actual project. And about the video, I actually used the most Mypaint centric workflow I knew. I usually use Krita much more on it ; but lastly Git branch get a slow down on my computer. ( thats also why I will reinstall my machine tonight ).

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10. Nathaniel Schultz

saturday 22 september 2012, 02:20

I am just glad you don't mind me reverse enginerring you. It is the engineer in me, I love taking apart your time-lapses. Watching your every tool choice and motion that is captured and then figuring out why you do what you do and what your intent is. Then I mimic it and then I try to take it in my own direction. So post more time lapses, I must study you more ;)

hehe, actually the idea of making another "argoisan make FLOSS art install" was impetuous to start working on some graphics for Argosian Mint, I needed to create a logo or theme and it gave me the excuse to draw in my sketch book for the first time in months. Seeing this gives me even more fuel to my fires. I am still story director on a new project so.. yeesh. Anyways don't want to spam up your comments. I have some pretty high ambitions left over from my last go round of Argosianmint12. I'll email you some time when I get a moment of breath. I have a Project Kick off meeting on Saturday and another project meeting on Sunday.. Someone save me from myself!

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11. Marco

saturday 22 september 2012, 19:02

Can I ask you which fonts did you use in this video?
saturday 22 september 2012, 20:00

@Marco : Hey Marco, sure. I used 3 fonts ; Droid Sans ; Aurelis ; Estelle Black. :)

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sunday 23 september 2012, 08:23

Hi David!
Really nice video, I really enjoy it :) and the background music created a calm watching experience.

Although is a timelapse and everything is pretty quick on the screen, I manage to follow the MyPaint and GIMP parts, but Krita's ones not that much... maybe is because in MyPaint, the brushes you were selecting along the video were clearly indicated on the MyPaint's interface, but in Krita's one it was not easy to see what were you using (brushes, tools) on a given time.

The final painting its really impressive! thanks for showing us the process.

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monday 24 september 2012, 17:21

Yeah, man! =D
Really good job!

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15. Gerson

wednesday 03 october 2012, 04:34

nice work, please excuse my bad English =D, i have a question you use kde like graphical eviromet because is more efficiently than gnome for digital art or only by personal tastes?
wednesday 03 october 2012, 05:16

@Jose : Thanks ! Yes, timelapse have limitations. I will try to publish on the future more tutorial ( but text way , not in video , I still have many problems with voice over ).

@deburger : Thanks ! and also thanks to be always around since this blog was created.

@Gerson : Hey, I use KDE mainly as a personnal preference. KDE can desactivate openGL desktop effect and be 2D and so keep good performance for brush movement ( Gnome 3 can't for ex ). I think XFCE is the faster environment. But on a strong computer I don't see the difference. My preferences in KDE are : extremely configurable via GUI , multi rename tool in Dolphin , *.ora and *.kra thumbnail preview, good theming of GTK and KDE apps, native Kde apps like Kate/Krita I really like. :) I run Linux Mint Kde 13 since a week, and it's not that bad. Default are great to enjoy KDE, but Mint repo mixed with Ubuntu repo made a bit of problems for grabbing and compiling Krita for exemple. I ended with changing the sources , so it's now a Kubuntu like system :)
For my next conferences, I will study using Ubuntu 12 LTS main edition on laptop. If Unity 3D fail, I 'll test Unity 2D, then XFCE or KDE again. Good luck ; there is no perfect solution, all DE are more or less broken, bugged and have pros and cons. The best things is probably to focus on one and become good at it to know how to fix it in urgent cases.

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tuesday 23 october 2012, 02:27

Oh thanks for the answer, i will try to use KDE, when fedora 18 comes out. :D

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18. Tharinda

wednesday 14 november 2012, 06:22

Fantastic Art work.... How can I download that open source software
wednesday 14 november 2012, 11:15

@Tharinda : Just go on the website of the software ( type Mypaint in Google , or Krita ) then follow on the official website under the 'download' section.

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saturday 26 january 2013, 22:29

=) superbe travail comme dab David. La partie utilisation des outils de My paint et Krita est tout simplement parfait. Quel metrise :o

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saturday 26 january 2013, 22:30

=) superbe travail comme dab David. La partie utilisation des outils de My paint et Krita est tout simplement parfait. Quel metrise :o

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saturday 26 january 2013, 22:30

=) superbe travail comme dab David. La partie utilisation des outils de My paint et Krita est tout simplement parfait. Quel metrise :o

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23. dharani

saturday 23 march 2013, 18:55

hi David
great video loved to see it well done ...
pure magic..
would love to learn this kinda skill...

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